Leftover Storage 101 & OXO Top 12-Pack Giveaway!

OXO Good Grips TOP containersLeftovers can be a home cooks best friend. When stored properly, food from previous meals can be reheated for a second go-round, or reinvented into an entirely new dish. Making an omelet from last night’s vegetables has been known to save me on many occasions when my family is ravenous and I haven’t had time to go food shopping.

Of course, leftovers would not be possible without a key step – storage. If food is stored in the fridge or freezer uncovered or poorly wrapped, it will almost always become hard and tough, lose flavor or, worse, get freezer burn. That’s why I like to invest in excellent storage vessels like freezer bags and OXO TOP containers. Fridge, freezer and counter-top friendly, OXO TOP containers are excellent for storing everything from frozen strawberries, to fresh pesto, to baked goods. I love that they are incredibly simple to clean, easy to handle and come in several useful sizes. Also, I should mention, they are smartly BPA-free. In the interest of sharing the wealth, today I am giving you a few leftover storage tips and a change to WIN your own OXO Good Grips TOP Container 12-Pack!

3 Helpful Tips for Storing Leftovers:

1. Seal Well: Oxygen is foods worst enemy in the fridge or freezer. Always wrap food so that it is completely covered or place it in a tightly sealed container. OXO TOP containers have a nifty lid that closes securely with a distinctive snapping sound, guaranteeing no pesky oxygen will ever reach your edibles.

2. Leave some room: It is tempting to squish food or liquids into small containers in the interest in saving space in the fridge, but I beg you not to. Liquids and many watery foods, like stews or pastas with sauce, can expand when chilled or frozen. Often, food with no room left to expand will burst a bag or cause a lid to come unsealed, ruining the whole batch. When packing leftovers always leave a little room to spare for expansion. OXO TOP containers make this easy for you since the snap on lids are secure enough that they will never burst open in the fridge or freezer. They are also completely clear, making it easy to measure food as you prepare to store it.

3. Mark Well: There is nothing worse then thawing your favorite tortellini soup only to discover you’ve actually thawed an entire jar of tomato sauce you didn’t want. Be sure to clearly mark your food so that you know what each container holds. This will save immense frustration in the long run, trust me, I’ve learned that the hard way.

To be entered to win these containers, here are the entry rules:

1. Leave a comment below describing your favorite way to enjoy leftovers.

2. Only one comment per email address.

3. Contest is open from Monday June 14th at 1:30pm ET to Monday June 21st at 12:00 midnight ET.

4. The winner will be picked by a panel of Babble Editors and the winner will be notified by email.

5. Winner must have a valid email address and provide a valid mailing address. If winner does not respond to our notification email within 48 hours a new winner will be selected.

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