Lego Cake

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My five year old has just discovered Lego. It’s all Lego all the time, and so with a birthday coming up this summer, I’m anticipating a Lego party. I had come across these Lego cakes and thought I’d give them a try – I’m no cake decorating genius, so was glad to see I’d need only a loaf pan and a bag of jumbo marshmallows. Easy. Of course it would be easy to cut loaf cakes into halves or quarters to make all the classic Lego shapes.

To start, you’ll need a loaf-shaped cake. Pound cake works great, as it’s dense and easy to work with. If you’re looking to use less sugar, any quickbread works too – kids love banana bread. If you like, freeze it after baking so that it’s firmer and easier to trim.

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If it has a rounded top, trim it flat with a serrated knife. You could trim the sides, too, if they’re not straight enough. Go for a rectangular block shape, just like a Lego block.

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You can, of course, frost these any color you like – or go for an assortment of colors on a bunch of different cakes. Use a classic vanilla frosting, divide it into bowls and tint each with liquid, paste or gel food color.

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Spread it on.

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Cut large marshmallows in half and place them on the top of the cake, Lego-style.

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Frost those, too. Voila – Lego cake, easy to cut into eight pieces, each with its own marshmallow top! (Which also, by the way, are perfect for holding sparklers!)

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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