Lego Candy Coated Krispies Treats!

Do your kids love Legos? Mine do. They started off with the large Mega Bloks {which are so much easier for little hands} and have now moved on to classic Legos. While I’m not a fan of how tiny the Legos are {I find them everywhere}, I am a fan of the creativity they spark in my kids. When I suggested that we make a Lego inspired snack they were thrilled. We decided to make the lego shape from Rice Krispies and then skewer them. But we couldn’t stop there ; )
We then dipped them in a candy coating for a final hooray. The kids loved helping make these. They’d be perfect for a rainy day activity, a party or well just because ; )

-We used store bought Rice Krispies treats but you could easily make your own if desired.
-We chose to dye the Candi Quik with yellow and green food coloring. You could leave them all white if you prefer not to use food coloring.
-You could also substitute colored candy melts for the Candi Quik.

Lego Candy Coated Krispies Treats
What you’ll need:
1 – 6.2 ounce box of Rice Krispies Treats
16 ounces Candi Quik Candy Coating – Vanilla
food coloring {desired colors}
skewers or lollipop sticks

What to do:
1. Cut Rice Krispies Treat in half. Skewer each half. Careful not to pierce all the way through.

2. Cut 1 Rice Krispies Treat into small strips {wide enough to create top circular portion of Lego}. Using a small decorating tip {or other small circular item} cut desired amount of circles for each Lego treat. Set circles aside.

3. Melt Candy Quik according to package directions. If you’re planning on coloring some of the Lego treats, divide the mixture equally amongst several bowls. Add food coloring until it’s to the desired color.

4. Dip your Rice Krispies into the melted Candy Quik. Invert and turn the skewer to remove excess candy. Use a spatula or other kitchen tool to make it as smooth as possible. Dip the small circles into the melted candy. Place circles onto the dipped Rice Krispies treat so it resembles a lego.
Continue until you have desired amount of treats.

5. Transfer your candy coated Lego treats to the freezer to set up. I placed mine in a small shot glass on a plate to harden. They’re ready in just a few minutes.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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