8 Lego-Inspired Foods


While there is no greater pain than stepping barefooted on a Lego, we don’t mind seeing them on our kid’s plates. No — we aren’t suggesting you feed your children actual Lego bricks. Yikes, that would be such a choking hazard! We’re just obsessed with these awesome Lego-inspired foods and we bet that your little Lego lover will be, too.

1. Peanut Butter and Honey Lego Sandwiches: Legos for lunch! Pack these yummy Lego “blocks” in your kid’s lunchbox for a neat way to say, “I love you.” (Much tastier than a note, right?)



2. Lego Man Pesto Cheese Sandwiches: What fun would Legos be without the pose-able figurines that have been dressed as  everyone from Darth Vader to a Wild West cowboy? Your little Lego enthusiasts will love seeing these  guys on their plate.



3. Tofu Lego Bites: Tofu is one of the building blocks of a balanced vegetarian diet — or just a great way to get protein. If your kids haven’t warmed up to it yet, we have a hunch these fun Lego bites will sway them.



4. Lego Sandwich Stackers: You know what makes this cheesy snack even better? A living-room rug and a giant box of Lego blocks (the unedible kind!).



5. Watermelon Legos on a Stick: These watermelon Legos will give your popsicle-loving kids their summer treat fix without all that extra sugar.



6. Lego Cake: Does your Lego-obsessed toddler have a birthday coming up? This cute Lego cake requires just two easy, yummy parts for assembly.

Lego-Cake-1-624x431 2


7. Lego Candy-Coated Rice Krispies Treats: Promise your kids you’ll make these — once you stop finding the tiny, real-life Lego bricks all over the floor.



8. Lego S’mores: The gooey marshmallow and melty chocolate might not make these as ideal for stacking as real Lego bricks, but thankfully, they’re a whole lot tastier.


Article Posted 7 years Ago

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