Let Me Whisk You Off Your Feet! 4 Must-Have Whisks

I used to think I only needed one whisk, the classic French whisk. That’s all I used for years. And then I started expanding my whisk horizons and discovered that there are a few other whisks that I absolutely need to have in my kitchen. After much trial and error, the following is a guide to my four most favorite, must-have whisks that I can’t live without!

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    Favorite Whisks for the Kitchen

    With these four whisks, you'll be able to tackle any whisking needs that come your way!

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    Roux Whisk

    The flat whisk, also known as a roux whisk, is unbelievably versatile in the kitchen. Sure, I've used it when making roux and sauces, but I also use it for so much more. I love how it gets in the corners of pots so well, but my favorite thing about this whisk is that larger food pieces don't get stuck inside the whisk because there is no inside! This has become my go-to whisk for most of my whisking needs.

    Flat Whisk

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    Classic French Whisk

    Balloon whisks are a very classic-shaped whisk, but I prefer the French whisk, a variation on the theme. A French whisk has the same general shape as a balloon whisk but is longer and not as wide. For me it is more versatile in different types of bowls and pans and is a good all-purpose whisk to have on hand.

    Kuhn Rikon French Whisk

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    Egg Whisk

    I love having a miniaturized version of the French whisk and use it for all my mini whisking needs: hot chocolate, eggs, cornstarch slurry, and more! This little egg has spent many happy hours helping me in the kitchen!

    Mini Whisk (the cute egg version!)

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    Silicone Butterfly Whisk

    This whisk is the newest one to join my whisk family and it is fabulous. The silicone coating means it can be used on non-stick pots and pans, and the shape of the wires means you can get in the corner of any pan. Plus, it's pretty!

    Kuhn Rikon Silicon Butterfly Whisk

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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