Lime Basil Soft Serve Sorbet

You might not believe that you can blend up cool, frosty sorbet in seconds and be serving it in just minutes, but you can! I call this easy technique “soft serve sorbet” – because you serve it when it is just firm enough to be scooped, but not fully hardened. It tastes like a lush, velvety, spoon-able smoothie. And since the ingredients are sweet and bold, you still get that kick of refreshing, tart sorbet flavor you crave. This Lime Basil Sorbet is the perfect palate-cleansing end to a summer meal. Bright lime citrus is accented by sweet basil and sweet agave syrup.

This sorbet is actually incredibly versatile. I blended up a batch and found myself using the leftovers in all sorts of recipes. Like a lime-watermelon blended frosty. And even this simple Frozen Limeade beverage. By having a flavorful citrus base recipe (below) you can get creative and add a wide variety of ingredients to change up the flavors. Try cherry lime sorbet by blending in a few fresh cherries. Or make your sorbet extra creamy by adding a few more frozen bananas.

And remember, you only need a blender – no ice cream maker required for this recipe!

Lime Basil Soft Serve Sorbet
makes about 2 1/2 cups

2 juicy limes, squeezed (about 1/4 cup lime juice)
1-2 Tbsp lemon juice (or more lime juice)
1 1/2 cups ice
1/2 cup frozen banana
1/4 cup agave syrup (or maple syrup)
pinch of lime zest
2 Tbsp fresh basil leaves
1 Tbsp water (as needed*)
*the water may be needed to help loosen the blend

garnish: fresh basil and lime wedges

The process:

Prep: place a metal bowl in the freezer for at least ten minutes before starting. I use a basic thin stainless steel mixing bowl.

1. First you blend the base ingredients in your blender. A high speed blender will make this process a lot easier – like a vitamix.

2. Do a taste test and check the flavor. You can add more lime juice, basil, banana, sweetener or ice as needed.

3. Grab your chilled metal bowl and pour in the frosty mixture. Place it in the freezer and in about 20 minutes your sorbet will be ready to soft serve scoop! You really don’t want this mixture over-freezing because then the soft-serve effect will be lost. The soft serve freezing process leaves you with a velvety sorbet that is somewhere in between a true sorbet and a sippable slushee or smoothie.

You can either serve all at once or store in freezer. You can then re-use this base at a perfect addition to blended frosty drinks like my Watermelon Lime Frosty!

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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