Lime Maple Papaya Bowl Breakfast

Papaya Breakfast Bowl
Papaya Breakfast Bowl

My instant AM getaway, fit for any day of the week, is my favorite go-to breakfast: a Lime Maple Papaya Bowl. There is something so amazing about this simple three ingredient flavor combo that has me craving it quite often. I have this bowl for breakfast at least three times a week. The sweet juicy pink papaya combines with the complex maple syrup and zesty bright fresh lime juice. A few more accents make this breakfast complete. Get my recipe and have your own tropical getaway! And find out why papaya is so good for you..

Papaya is a tropical fruit that thankfully, you can find year round. And while most of us prefer to stay seasonal when it comes to fruits and veggies – there are a few tropical exceptions that I think we can all agree have a lovely permanent rotation in our fruit bowl. Like bananas, pineapple and for me: papaya.

One cup of papaya cubes contains: 55 calories, 3g fiber, 144% RDA vitamin C, 1g protein, 31% RDA vitamin A, 13% RDA folate, 10% RDA potassium.

Plus, papaya is the only natural source of the digestive enzyme papain. Learn more about papain and pineapple’s enzyme bromelain. I especially love both these enzyme -rich fruits in the winter months to combat winter allergies. Read all about papain and bromelain here.

Lime Maple Papaya Bowl
makes one

1 lime
1/2 large papaya, sliced in half (vertical or horizontal works)
1 Tbsp grade B maple syrup

serve with these options: handful of raw cashews, soy yogurt (you can even add to center of papaya), oatmeal or granola, whole grain toast with almond butter, breakfast sandwich or burrito – or more!

To Make:

1. Slice the papaya.
2. Scoop out the seeds carefully with a spoon – a few leftover seeds are OK. They have a nice peppery flavor and can easily be crunched.
3. Drizzle on the maple and lime.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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