The Most Refreshing Thing You'll Ever Drink

A couple of summers ago I was visiting my friend in Utah. It was dry and terribly hot outside, and I had been drinking Dasani all week by the gallon. I just wanted something that would quench my thirst. My friend Shannon, who is an amazing cook, asked me if she could get me anything to drink. I would have said water, but my unquenchable thirst took over, and I told her I needed something better than water. She said she had just the thing and brought out from her freezer the most incredible slushy drink I have ever had.

Shannon made them for me again today, and I am now sharing her recipe. Thank you, Shannon!

Lime Slush

7-8 tablespoons lime juice
1 12 ounce can 100% white grape juice concentrate
5 fresh mint leaves
lots of ice (enough to fill the blender)
cold water, as needed

Blend juice, juice concentrate, mint, and ice. Add small amounts of water to help the mixture blend well. Blend on high until ice is smooth. Serve in glasses with sprigs of fresh mint.

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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