Magical Chia Seed Pudding for Kids

I’m on a chia seed kick, that’s for sure – I’ve fallen in love with this tiny poppy blue seed. And this Magical Chia Seed Pudding is perfect for kids who love to get in the kitchen and bring their food to life. A few days ago I bought my very first bag of chia seeds. And yesterday I shared with you how-to use chia seeds – and the amazing nutritional benefits of this tiny super food. Well today I’ll sharing a recipe to get kids in on the chia action as well!..

Before I continue, I must make this point clear: this stuff is yummy! Sweet, soft, silky and maple-infused. I’m totally in love with chia pudding. Skeptics, if you think it looks not-so-yummy, please give it a taste before judging. ..its one of those taste to believe it kind of foods. Now my next point..

Chia seeds are magical. No, really they are! Well, as magical foods come, I’d say they are pretty high up there. Not only do they look like mini blue beans – or if you look closely – a bit like dinosaur eggs – they have a few magical properties. The most magical being that they can transform any liquid into a thick, delicious pudding. In a matter of hours. Here’s how Magical Chia Seed Pudding Works..

Magical Chia Seed Pudding

1 cup soy milk (or other non-dairy beverage or liquid)
*I used vanilla flavored
2 Tbsp chia seeds
1 Tbsp maple syrup
optional: spices like cinnamon
optional: fruit slices

To Make Magic:

Have your kids survey the chia seeds. Let them do a nice taste test of the raw crunchy seeds.
Then let them pour the seeds, sweetener and optional spices into your liquid base.
Add in any fruit, if you’d like. Or add fruit, grains, nuts, dried fruit later.
Let your kids stir the mixture with a “magic wand” of some sort.
Place the mixture in the fridge and check on it every half hour or so – so that they can see the mixture transform.
In about 2 hours the mixture will be globular and thick. The once-crunchy seeds will have plumped up into slippery, silky bits perfect for kids to enjoy. The sweetener will be infused into each bite.
Leave the mixture in longer for a thicker pudding – overnight even.

Add in fruit or oats or other fun ingredients to your magical chia seed pudding!

Check out my: How to Use Chia Seed / Nutritional Benefits post here.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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