Make Fruity Popsicles for an Energizing After-School Snack

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It still feels like summer, but the kids are back in school and I’m getting daily after school request for cool treats. Please tell me I’m not the only one with a kid negotiating with me on after school snacks! I get the “I’ve been working so hard all day, mom,” followed by the “I ate my entire lunch so I’ve earned a treat!” I’ve been down that road of giving in and offering up the less-than-stellar snack only to wind up with a tired and grouchy kiddo by dinner time, with homework that’s like pulling teeth to get finished. That’s when I decided to come up with an energizing and good-for-you treat that will get the kids excited and leave me feeling good about what I’m giving them. To top it off, the kids can make these themselves, they kill two birds with one stone: We’ve got an after school activity together and a snack! Check out Lincoln and his step-by-step to creating these pops.

  • Power Pop After School Snack 1 of 14
    power pop

    Image Credits: Macki Cayloma West

  • Opening the Fruit Burst Squeezer 2 of 14

    I set up all the ingredients at the table and let him take charge of flavor combinations. These fruit bursts are easy enough for kids to open by themselves.

  • Squeezing the Fruit 3 of 14

    This one is Peach Mango and irresistible. He's got a mango fruit cup at the ready.

  • More Fruit Squeezers 4 of 14

    When he saw the blueberry he had to try it. This was his favorite flavor.

  • The Baby Got Jealous 5 of 14

    So we gave him his very own Fruit Burst Squeezer while we worked. This made for one very happy baby.

  • Adding Mango’s 6 of 14

    Fruit cups with mango's? Awesome! We also had some with mango's and pineapple for an oh so tropical popsicle.

  • Filling Up 7 of 14

    After layering fruit and fruit squeezers and yogurt, Lincoln filled the last bit to the top before sealing and placing in the freezer.

  • Showing Off His Creation 8 of 14

    After a few hours we headed to the freezer for a taste off.

  • Going for a Taste 9 of 14

    Look at how beautiful and delicious these are!

  • Lemon Yogurt with Blueberry 10 of 14

    He liked the flavor of the blueberry and lemon.

  • Mango and Pineapple with Mixed Berry and Peach Mango 11 of 14

    The tropical flavors of this pop are so good and different from the lemon blueberry.

  • Hmmm, Which One is My Favorite? 12 of 14

    Trying to decide between the two proved to be quite challenging.

  • Both! 13 of 14

    So he ate them together and I didn't mind letting him have two. After all, he is getting a serving of fruit and veggies!

  • Mmmmmmm! 14 of 14

What you need for this energizing after-school snack:

– We really like the Del Monte Fruit Cups — they’ve got mango and pineapple and no high fructose corn syrup!

– We also like the Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers in Strawberry, Mixed Berry, Peach Mango, Blueberry, and Apple Cinnamon.

– Your kid’s favorite Yogurt

– Popsicle molds

– Let your kids experiement with flavor combinations. We added a little fruit, followed by a little fruit burst squeezer and repeated with different fruits and squeezers and layers of lemon yogurt. My favorite was lemon yogurt with the blueberry fruit squeezer. Mmmm. Now put them in the freezer for a few hours or overnight and enjoy!

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