Make Little Lego Birthday Cakes

Last month my little guy turned one. Since he was too young to request a specific birthday cake, I took it upon myself to make him little Lego birthday cakes. I found them appropriate since he is a big fan of mega blocks and is constantly building towers with his chubby little hands. They are so cute! Since I am not an experienced cake decorator, I chose to make these because they are deceptively simple. In fact, even my daughter got involved making them with me! If you have a little one celebrating a birthday soon here is how you can whip these sweet cakes up in just a few easy steps!

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    Little Lego Birthday Cake Final

    Making these adorable Lego birthday cakes for kid is super easy.  All you need is pound cake mix, mini-marshmallows, and the frosting colors of your choice. If you have your own pound cake recipe you'd love to use, please do so. I just bought a mix since it was easier for me to gauge. Then just follow these simple instructions!

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    Little Lego Birthday Cake

    You can bake the cakes in any size loaf pan you want. One mix yielded four of these small loaf pans I had. It was perfect for me since I wanted to make four little cakes. You can also do two 8x4 loaves or just one large loaf (with large marshmallows) if you want. I think the little cakes are so precious for little hands!

    Photo: Kelsey Banfield

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    Little Lego Birthday Cakes

    Once the cakes have cooled, slice of the rounded tops so all four sides are straight. It won't be exactly perfect unless you trim all the sides. I elected not to do that because I didn't want to discard all that yummy cake! I just straightened out the top to be as flat at the bottom and it looked great.

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    Use mini marshmallows to map out where they will go on top of the loaf. I always do this just to eyeball everything before frosting.

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    Little Lego Birthday cake

    To give these the true colorful Lego look I use brightly colored frosting. Then I frost the top and sides of each cake. For the marshmallows I rolled them all over in a large dollop of frosting I put on a plate. Then I stuck them back on top of the loaf where I had planned them to go.

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  • Eat! 6 of 6
    Little Lego Birthday Cake Final

    Now the Lego cakes are done! We served them up with a candle and a song. I cut them into slices and served them with ice cream. They were the perfect sweet birthday cakes for my little one.

    Photo: Kelsey Banfield

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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