Make Your Own Halloween House of Terrors: 5 DIY Ideas

Do you remember your first thrilling trip through a haunted house? I still remember mine, and having my hand thrust into bowls of “worms” and “eyeballs” in complete darkness. As a kid, I was pretty sure they were fake, but it was wonderfully terrifying all the same. Bring the Halloween fun home and make your own haunted house of terrors. From eyeballs to tips on making your own blood, we’ve got 5 simple and fun ideas inspired by The Daily Meal.


  • Maggots 1 of 5
    Make their skin crawl for weeks with this bowl of flesh eating maggots.
    Make your own maggots
    Image Credit: © iStock/Fotografiabasica
  • Flayed Skin 2 of 5
    Get in touch with your inner Hannibal Lector and make a plate of mock human skin.
    Make mock human skin
    Image Credit: © Flickr/afroboof
  • Pitcher of Blood 3 of 5
    You've seen it on "True Blood," now make your own at home.
    Make a pitcher of blood
    Image Credit: © Rain Blanken, Guide to DIY Fashion at About.com
  • Bowl of Eyeballs 4 of 5
    Anyone who places their hand in this lightly oiled bowl of peeled grapes will be convinced they're touch real eyeballs. Be ready for screams of terror.
    Make a bowl of eyeballs
    Image Credit: © ElkAnjoe.Wordpress.com
  • Brain in a Jar 5 of 5
    Convince everyone you've got the real thing with this simple recipe for strawberry-tinged panna cotta!
    Make a brain in a jar
    Image Credit: © istock/renphoto


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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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