Making Homemade Gluten-free Pizza with Pillsbury’s New Dough

We’re huge fans of pizza in all its forms at Babble, whether it’s on a bagel, with a unique spin on pepperoni, and especially when it’s made at home. So when Pillsbury sent us their new gluten-free doughs to try, we couldn’t wait to get to having a pizza party, even with the northeast heat wave.

But would it be any good? Gluten-free bread products are notoriously tricky to get to be close to their gluten-full counterparts. Luckily, this thin-crust dough was incredibly tasty—it was just as flavorful as the tastiest regular crust you’ve ever had. Our trial did lead to a chewier-than-wanted crust, but if you pre-bake the dough for a little longer than the package says, or spread it a little thinner, you should avoid this with no trouble.

Check out how our gluten-free pizza came out in the slideshow! —Alexandra Martell

  • Taste-testing Pillsbury’s Gluten-free Dough 1 of 6

    Click through to see how to make a gluten-free pizza!

  • Gluten-free Pizza Dough 2 of 6

    It looks a bit like Play-Doh in the container, but don't be fooled. It tastes just like regular pizza dough! Instead of wheat flour, the dough uses tapioca starch, sorghum flour, millet flour, and rice flour. 

  • Pressed-out Crust 3 of 6

    Press your dough out into your pan. We used a small baking sheet, but would split the dough up next time to get a thinner, and thus crispier, crust. The directions suggest pre-baking for 12 to 14 minutes definitely go for the longer time here.

  • Topped Pre-baked Crust 4 of 6

    After pre-baking the crust, add your toppings! We used our favorite homemade sauce recipe, fresh mozzarella, grated pecorino cheese, and dried herbs like basil and oregano. (You can never have too much cheese.)

  • Perfectly Golden Crust 5 of 6

    The browned crust was crispy and flavorful.

  • Finished Pizza 6 of 6

    Our finished pizza looked, smelled, and tasted awesome!


Get more gluten-free recipes here on Babble, and check out all of Pillsbury’s new gluten-free products (in stores in August!) here.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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