Maple and Bacon – the “Ultimate” Sweet and Savory!

Peanut butter and jelly.

Milk and cookies.

Beer and pretzels.

Certain foods and flavors just go together, right? Well I would put maple and bacon right up there with the best of them. When it comes to sweet-salty (which I love), there’s nothing better than maple and bacon to satisfy that craving.

Feel the same? Then you will love these fun, creative recipes that pair these two together. And if you’ve never tried maple and bacon, by all means give one (or two) of these recipes a try!

  • Maple and Bacon – The Ultimate Sweet-Savory! 1 of 17
    maple bacon recipes

    From cupcakes to cookies, caramel corn and even cheesecake (!!), the mouthwatering combination of maple and bacon finds its way into recipes that will have you running to the kitchen!

  • Maple Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies 2 of 17

    Bits of crumbled bacon lend a smoky, salty and irresistibly delicious flavor to same-old chocolate chip cookies!

    Image and recipe courtesy of Noble Pig

  • Maple Bacon Waffle Bread Pudding 3 of 17

    Like no bread pudding you've ever had! Waffles are a creative substitute for bread, and the addition of bacon takes this dish right over the top. Serve for a decadent brunch or a "wow"-worthy dessert!

    Image and recipe courtesy of Noble Pig

  • Maple Bacon Waffles 4 of 17

    Maple glazed bacon is chopped and folded into the batter for anything BUT traditional waffles. What a great surprise to serve your family on a cozy weekend morning!

    Image and recipe courtesy of Noble Pig

  • Pecan Maple Balsamic Bacon 5 of 17

    Put these out with drinks and stand back - chaos "may" ensue. These addictive bacon strips are brushed with maple syrup, coated in chopped pecans and then finished with a drizzle of maple balsamic. You can package them up for a unique holiday gift too - for a very lucky recipient!

    Image and recipe courtesy of Savoring Today

  • Maple Bacon Cupcake 6 of 17

    These lovely cupcakes unite maple (in the cream cheese frosting) with a bacon garnish for that classic sweet-salty combination!

    Image and recipe courtesy of Spiced

  • Bacon Corn Muffins with Maple Glaze 7 of 17

    Cooked bacon bits are folded into cornmeal biscuits, and finished with a glaze of maple syrup and more crumbled bacon — breakfast is served!

    Read how on Spoonful

  • Maple Glazed Bacon 8 of 17

    Like your maple and bacon "straight up"? Well, it doesn't get simpler than this. Slow baking in the oven will be your new (mess-free) favorite way to make bacon too!

    Read how on Spoonful

  • Chocolate Maple Bacon Cupcakes 9 of 17

    Maple-infused cupcakes get topped with chocolate ganache and bacon bits for a can't-miss dessert that your guests will swoon over!

    Read how on Babble

  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Apples and Bacon 10 of 17

    In my opinion, roasting brussels sprouts is the only way to make this nutty and flavorful vegetable. It brings out their natural sweetness and pairs beautifully with the bacon and apples in this yummy cold-weather recipe!

    Read how on Spoonful

  • Beer Batter Cupcakes 11 of 17

    Affectionately dubbed the "dudecake," these cupcakes would be a perfect dessert for Father's Day or a special birthday. No wimpy flavors here, these beer cupcakes have a rich cream cheese frosting, and are finished off with a thick slice of cayenne pralined bacon. Dude!!!!

    Image and recipe courtesy of Kailley's Kitchen

  • Maple Bacon Blondies 12 of 17

    Who needs chocolate chips? Crispy bacon bits pack a punch in these classic bar cookies, for something a little different and a "lot" delicious!

    Image and recipe courtesy of Wine and Glue

  • Maple Bacon Caramel Corn 13 of 17

    The ultimate party food? Right here. Impress your guests with this irresistible caramel corn, studded with crispy bacon bits and coated with a maple syrup glaze. This would also make a smashing holiday gift, packaged in cellophane bags or festive bowls!

    Read how on Babble

  • Maple Bacon Breakfast Cheesecake 14 of 17

    Maple. Bacon. Breakfast cheesecake. Yep, it's totally a thing, and in 3 minutes (courtesy of your microwave) it can totally be your breakfast. You're welcome.

    Read how on Babble

  • Maple Bacon Cornmeal Waffles 15 of 17

    Bacon and cornmeal are a classic combination and, along with maple syrup, add a welcome flavor boost to otherwise ordinary waffles. Monday morning is suddenly spectacular!

    Read how on Babble

  • Chocolate Covered Bacon Cookies 16 of 17

    No such thing as "too much" of a good thing? Then these cookies are for you. Toffee and chocolate bits are folded into maple-flavored cookies along with (wait for it) chocolate covered bacon bits. 

    Image and recipe courtesy of Back for Seconds

  • Maple French Toast and Bacon Cupcakes 17 of 17

    French toast with a side of bacon is so ... yesterday. How about a French toast flavored cupcake, topped with a maple cream cheese frosting, and sprinkled with chopped bacon bits? I thought so.

    Image and recipe courtesy of Food Ramblings

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