May the Fourth Be With You: 8 Star Wars Treats for the Whole Galaxy

So it’s official: Star Wars day is just around the corner. What better way to celebrate than with a few awesome Star Wars treats? Just the other day I made cinnamon buns that reminded me of Princess Leia’s hairdo, and then I found some cool cookies on Babble. It turns out there are a whole host of Star Wars cooks and bakers out there. There’s no tastier way to celebrate the fourth of May!

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  • Yoda’s Green Sherbet Sundaes 2 of 9

    The force is strong with these adorable ice cream and marshmallow treats! Make them immediately you must.

    Get the recipe from Spoonful

  • Princess Leia Cupcakes 3 of 9
    Princess Leia Cupcakes

    Jenn made the most amazing foods for her Star Wars party (including a hilarious Han Solo in carbonite Jell-o). But these Princess Leia cupcakes are my personal favorite!

    Get the recipe from justJENN


    Photo credit: Jenn Fujikawa, used with permission

  • Star Wars Roll Out Cookies 4 of 9
    Brownie Roll Out Cookies

    These awesome brownie roll-out cookies are the perfect kid-friendly Star Wars dessert for May 4th. Slip a few in your kid's lunchbox for an extra-special daytime treat!

    Get the recipe from Lovin' from the Oven


    Photo credit: Kim Nguyen, used with permission

  • Chewbacca’s Wookiee Cupcakes 5 of 9

    As if you needed another reason to love Chewbacca, he now appears in the form of super-cute cupcakes. These are sure to be a hit with both kids AND adults at your Star Wars party!

    Get the recipe from Spoonful

  • Princess Leia Buns 6 of 9

    These awesome cinnamon rolls look just like Princess Leia's hair buns! Make them for your kids on Saturday morning — just make sure you tell them not to pin them in their hair.

    Get the recipe from Babble


    Photo credit: Kelsey Banfield

  • Stormtrooper Mickey Cake 7 of 9

    Star Wars + Disney = the coolest dessert ever created. The addition of Mickey ears makes this Imperial stormtrooper much less threatening, don't you think?

    Get the recipe from Spoonful

  • Blue Milk 8 of 9
    Star Wars Blue Milk

    I have always had a fascination with blue milk, and now the fine people at Castle & Cooks have come up with a way to transform it into a tasty adult cocktail. I've GOT to try this on May 4th!

    Get the recipe from Castle & Cooks


    Photo credit: Jesse Lyons, used with permission

  • TIE Fighter Cookie and Pretzel Light Saber 9 of 9
    TIE Fighter Cookie and Pretzel Light Saber

    Let your kids reconstruct favorite battle scenes with these cool TIE fighter cookies and pretzel light sabers!

    Photo: Macki Cayloma

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