McDonalds Food Photos: Why Burgers Look So Much Better in Ads vs. Reality

Photo Credit: Alphaila.com

Sometime over the last year you’ve probably received an email or a Facebook post showing a photo similar to the one above. An image of a juicy, delicious burger with the freshest vegetables on the planet next to a soggy, gray pathetic burger. The website Alphaila.com went to several different restaurants and compared the advertised food to what they actually received from the restaurants. The difference was incredible.. and comical. It’s no secret that fast food restaurants spend a fortune on advertising to lure customers to buy their foods. And just like a touched up supermodel on the cover of Vogue, their food never looks as good in person. In fact, the food looks so different in the ads we wonder if they are even photographing the real food. According to McDonald’s, the food in their ads is the exact food a consumer will get from the restaurant.

A marketing representative from McDonald’s in Canada uploaded a video explaining their food styling process and why the burger that starts out just like the restaurant looks so different then those gorgeous photos in their ads. We thought we would share it with you here. It’s interesting….[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSd0keSj2W8&feature=player_embedded[/youtube]

The bigger question is why would we believe fast food advertising? We aren’t at McDonald’s to get a four star experience. So if you really want a great burger, we suggest you just make it at home where it will always be exactly what you want versus what is advertised.





Article Posted 6 years Ago

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