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McDonald’s is making a splash in the vegetarian world by opening its first 100% vegetarian restaurant in India – two locations actually.

..Bring on the McVeggie Extra Value Meals..

But if you take a closer look, you might see why this news seems like an obvious and smart business decision for the worldwide fast food chain..

Two new McDonald’s locations in India are going to serve up 100% vegetarian cuisine. Order up all the McAloo Tikki Burgers you crave. Maybe a Pizza Mcpuff or McEGG on the side. How about a McVeggie Extra Value Meal? And FYI, they even have Coke Floats .. soft serve over top fizzy cola.

McD’s India embraces cheese, eggs and veggies like potatoes and peas as vegetarian substitutes for meat. Chicken and fish are allowed on the menu, but not beef or pork. The vegetarian offerings do not appear to be animal product free for any vegan customers – however there is something called a “Salad Sandwich” on the nutritional info page.

Business Week explains the veggie trend in India: “McDonald’s already keeps beef and pork products off the menu in India, where a majority of the population are Hindus and Muslims.”

In fact, McDonald’s India already has an extensive line-up of vegetarian menu options – but did you know that unlike most vegetarian-friendly fast food – and even fine dining restaurants in the USA, the India McDonald’s chains actually have very strict rules and policies regarding food preparation. In fact, they even have completely separate kitchens inside each store for veg and non-veg food preparation.

McDonald’s India explains this on their website:

“Respecting our customers’ cultural backgrounds, we understand how important it is for us to meet your standards of expectations. In order to ensure this, we have separate kitchens within our main kitchen area – one reserved solely for vegetarian food and the other for non-vegetarian food. Our measures to prevent any contamination of food in either area include separate staff, colour coded transport baskets to carry food items from storage to kitchen, as well as colour coded disposable gloves that are discarded after preparation of every meal. Each kitchen has its own supply of cooking equipment, vegetable ingredients, sauces, burger buns and packaging material!”

So the news that McDonald’s is opening two 100% vegetarian locations seems kind of smart really – only one kitchen will be needed and they can give full attention to their veggie offerings for customers.

So what do you think, will the USA ever have an all-veggie McD’s??

Maybe a veggie Sloppy Joe on the menu??

Read more about this at Business Week


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