Mcghee Sextuplets Recipes for Homemade Baby Foods

The McGhee Sextuplets were on Oprah today. They are just about the cutest little 8 month old babies ever. The show started with Celine Dion talking about her miracle twins, and ended with the cutest thing ever – these adorable McGhee sextuplets. The McGhees definitely have their hands full. Dad runs his own carpet cleaning business, and after Oprah’s plug for his business, we are certain he’ll be going nationwide very soon. Mom stays at home with the babies. She’s blessed to have lots of volunteers come by and help her out. Today, Oprah was so generous in giving the family a Walmart gift card for get this – $250,000 dollars! Amazing, right?

The couple both had difficult childhoods and found each other early in their lives and fell in love. They sadly lost twins shortly after their birth, but were so blessed to have these happy and healthy sextuplets just 8 months ago. Since these babies are ready for baby food,being 8 months old, we wanted to share some delicious baby food recipes. These are my son’s favorite baby food recipes I made for him during his first year. He started eating about 6 months, and loved trying new foods as much as I loved making him these delicious recipes.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes Baby Food

Spiced Pears Baby Food

Nutty Peaches Baby Food

Mango Dango Baby Food

Pumpkin Puree Baby Food

Sweet Potato Goodness Baby Food

Summer Squash Delight Baby Food

Dill Garden Peas Baby Food

Oregano Green Beans Baby Food Recipe

Curry Split Peas Baby Food

Banana Dream Baby Food

Baby Guacamole

Acorn Squash Baby Food

Basil Sweet Carrots Baby Food

Cinnamon Apples Baby Food

How to Make Homemade Baby Food

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