Cool Meals for Hot Summer Days

  • Gazpacho Salad 1 of 14
    Craving gazpacho but don’t feel like cleaning the blender? This simple gazpacho-inspired salad — packed with cool cucumbers and cherry tomatoes — is the ultimate lazy meal to cool you off in the summer heat.
    Make gazpacho salad »
  • Caprese Salad on a Stick 2 of 14
    When it’s too hot to grill shish kebabs, get your food-on-a-stick fix with this deliciously
    easy “cold kebab.”
    Make Caprese salad on a stick »
  • Cold Blueberry-Basil Soup 3 of 14
    If you’re a soup lover, no need to wait for the autumn chill to slurp up your fave dish; this chilled fruit soup is perfect for cooling your craving.
    Make cold blueberry-basil soup »
  • Chilled Cucumber Soup 4 of 14
    Another one for soup fanatics: All this recipe requires is a blender and a few hours to chill. Once you have that, you’ll be as cool as the (pureed) cucumbers you’re eating.
    Make chilled cucumber soup »
  • Jamaican Rice 5 of 14
    Finding a low-heat side dish that doesn’t bore your taste buds can be a challenge. This rice salad, complete with cool, chopped pineapple, adds some Caribbean flavors to your menu for a change.
    Make Jamaican rice »
  • Tomato Basil Bean Salad 6 of 14
    Loaded with beans, tomatoes, and fresh basil, this salad is bursting with seasonal flavors for your end-of-summer soiree.
    Make tomato basil bean salad »
  • Tomato Bruschetta with Sweet Cherries 7 of 14
    Cherries add an unexpected — and totally irresistible — sweetness to the standard tomato bruschetta. You'll be so obsessed, you'll forget all about the record-high temperatures.
    Make tomato bruschetta with sweet cherries »
  • Cilantro Red Potato Salad Wrap 8 of 14
    Turn this creamy potato salad from a side dish into a meal by stuffing it into a wrap. This is the kind of lunch best served chilled — seems like it was made for late summer, right?
    Make cilantro red potato salad »
  • Prawn Ceviche 9 of 14
    This dish needs to marinate in the fridge for 8 hours before it’s ready to serve — by then you can be sure it’s chilled to perfection!
    Make prawn ceviche »
  • Pesto, Pasta 10 of 14
    Basil is in full bloom this time of year! Toss it in with some tasty pesto and healthy peas for a low-stress dish that tastes even better cold.
    Make pesto, pasta and peas with cherry tomatoes »
  • Tuna Tacos 11 of 14
    Make taco night hot weather-friendly by using ahi tuna, which is best served rare (read: cold) and is paired here with a light and crunchy cabbage slaw.
    Make tuna tacos »
  • Feta and Chickpea Salad 12 of 14
    If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen — and prepare this chickpea starter on the picnic table just moments before sitting down.
    Make feta and chickpea salad »
  • Creamy Roasted Pepper Panzanella 13 of 14
    Use up leftover bread in this Italian panzanella where hummus and roasted red peppers give it a summer kick.
    Make creamy roasted pepper panzanella bread salad »
  • Cold Sesame Noodles 14 of 14
    Too hot to cook? You can make these cold noodles in the morning and eat them in the afternoon, straight from the fridge. Their light sesame flavor won’t make them too greasy.
    Make cold sesame noodle salad »
Article Posted 6 years Ago

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