Metrodome Collapse Video: The End of the QB Dog?

If you haven’t already heard, and likely you have, the Minneapolis Metrodome, now referred to as Mall of America Field and the home of the Minnesota Vikings, collapsed on Sunday morning after a historic blizzard hit Minnesota dumping two feet of snow — two feet of snow that ultimately led to the Teflon roof giving in under its weight and dumping a blizzard of snow and water right on the field where the Vikings were scheduled to play the Giants this afternoon.

Sunday’s game has been rescheduled to Monday night at 8 p.m. and moved to Ford Field in Detroit, but what about the Metrodome? Will it lie again? What will become of the famous QB Dog, the Dome Dog’s predecessor, wrapped in foil and loaded with your favorite toppings before returning to your blue plastic seat to watch football and enjoy the hometown classic?

Click through to watch the Metrodome collapse video from inside the building!

It looks as though QB Dogs probably won’t be served anytime in the near future at the Metrodome, so you’ll have to satisfy those cravings Monday night by boiling up a few of your own.

Make your own Dome…err QB Dog for the game:

hot dogs
buns and condiments

Fill pot with water and add hot dogs. Place over high heat. Wait for water to boil and then boil for 3 additional minutes until hot dogs are nice and hot. Keep in the water until ready to serve. Top with your favorite toppings and wrap in foil for that Metrodome authenticity.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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