Monsters U: Chalk Drawing for Parents & Kids

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We were psyched for the new Monsters U movie. My daughter is way into the characters and it will be the perfect movie to celebrate the end of school. The other day we were playing in the driveway and my daughter asked me to draw one of the monster. Oh – the horror! I am not a great artist. Not even a good artist. However, I did my best and after a few tries they actually came out quite well. I did each one in three steps and, as you can see, kept it pretty simple. Chalk drawing with kids is generally not the time to stress out about perfect angles and shadows. I like to think my drawings are decent interpretations of the characters. My daughter liked them, at least, so that was enough for me!

  • Monsters U Chalk Drawing for Parents & Kids! 1 of 10
    Monster's U Chalk Drawing for Parents & Kids
  • Drawing Mike – Step 1 2 of 10
    Mike Monster's U

    So, I found the best way to start with Mike Wazowski was to make the basic outline in green chalk. I held my daughter back while I drew knowing she would love to help me color him in.

  • Drawing Mike – Step 2 3 of 10
    Mike Monster's U

    Next, my daughter colored him in! We observed he has a green eye so we used white chalk, green chalk, and gray to make the eye. I also used gray for the teeth!

  • Drawing Mike – Step 3 4 of 10
    Mike Monster's U

    Details! Since Monsters U is all about, you guessed it, school, Mike needed his hat! My daughter chose a bright blue that really popped. We think he looks great!

  • Drawing Randy – Step 1 5 of 10
    Randy Monster's U

    Randy is great to draw because he is all one color. Naturally my daughter chose him because he is purple! First I did the outline for her.

  • Drawing Randy – Step 2 6 of 10
    Randy Monster's U

    Randy's monochrome body is a cinch to color in. We used the same color for the glasses and made sure his eyes were green!

  • Drawing Squishy – Step 1 7 of 10

    Squishy, one of the new characters in the movie, was next up! We selected peach and green chalk to make Squishy's outline. We loved the cool initials on his sweatshirt. My daughter was also amazed it his five eyes!

  • Drawing Squishy – Step 2 8 of 10

    Details! We made sure all of his eyes were blue just like the picture and we added the three (!) eyebrows and some hair and a baseball cap.

  • Drawing Squishy – Step 3 9 of 10

    Once Squishy was all set we went ahead and filled him in! I loved that his hands were shaped like mittens.

  • A Parting Shot! 10 of 10
    Monsters U

    The crew on our driveway now looks awfully formidable and fun!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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