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My kid came home from her first week of school and begged me to buy her Lunchables. Her words: “they come with cute little ham and cheese pieces and crackers and juice and SKITTLES!!!!” Skittles? In a kid’s lunch? Not to mention the high calories, sodium, added nitrates, and sugar in all the other fixin’s. This isn’t something I would give my kids, but I can’t give this to my daughter on her doctor’s orders. I don’t want her to feel singled out or that I don’t want to buy them for her only because her doctor gave us diet restrictions. I want her to recognize that a lot of the stuff in kids prepared lunches isn’t going to give you the afternoon energy needed to for learning, and how to avoid a sugar crash. Yuck. That afternoon we headed over to a store with healthier options to see what we could come up with. Take the jump for our ingredient list…

We found ham that has no added nitrates or nitrites and is lower in sodium, along with some organic cheddar cheese (her cheese of choice) and some tasty multigrain pita bite cracker with flax seeds. And for the sweet side, some fresh organic strawberries.  Sylvie was so excited to help create her own Lunchable. We got out a round scalloped cookie cutter and created the super cute little ham and cheese for the crackers and placed some strawberries on the side.  As for juice, we skipped it since she was in favor of water anyway.

I can’t wait to send her off to school with these in her lunch box or have them waiting as an after school snack when she arrives home.  It’s also a great snack for moms and dads too!


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