My 5 Fave Quinoa Recipes

Here are my five fave quinoa recipes. I love quinoa. It is quite high in protein and packed with fiber and a subtly nutty flavor. One cup of quinoa contains around 8g protein. Not bad for a seed. Fun fact: yes, quinoa is a seed – not a grain like most people think. There is so much you can do with quinoa. Here are a few fun recipes: a paella, a risotto and even a guide to get the fluffiest quinoa ever!..

Five Fave Quinoa Recipes

1. Coconut Almond Quinoa Risotto with a Saffron Mushroom Gravy

2. Roasted Cheezy Broccoli over Golden Saffron Quinoa – nutritional yeast-infused

3. Curried Quinoa Wrap – peas, curry, whole wheat wrap

4. Quinoa Paella – brazil nuts, peas

5. Golden Orchard Quinoa – apple-cider spiced, pecans

And we all love when quinoa is extra fluffy and light. But indeed, it is a skill that takes mastering – just like preparing your own pie crust or making a perfect mashed potato. So here’s my guide:

How-to Make Fluffy Quinoa – every time!

And here is a fabulous Babble slideshow featuring Gluten-Free, Kid-Friendly Quinoa Recipes!

..includes a chocolate cake and luscious quinoa pancakes

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