My 8 Favorite Feeding Tools for Baby

When it comes to feeding baby, it can be tough to figure out which tools are the right ones to buy. Some items can seem so incredibly expensive it hardly seems worth it, but when you read all the reports about BPA in bottles and whether or not to use a spoon, you want to make sure you are in the know. To help you out I trolled the web to bring you some of my absolute favorite feeding tools for baby. Do you have any favorites? Please share!

  • Bella Tunno Laminated Bib 1 of 8
    I love this whole line of bibs. They are so pretty in all the different patterns and they are a cinch to wipe off. There is nothing better than a bib that is easy to clean!
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  • OXO Feeding Bowls 2 of 8
    I love these bowls because they come with lids and they are so soft they won't break. Trust me, we tried! They are also the perfect size for holding just the right amount of food for each meal. I used to stick these in the diaper bag too, as they are light and easy to transport.
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  • Born Free Bottles 3 of 8
    These bottles come from one of the earliest companies to be BPA-free, and they are so easy to clean and use.
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  • OXO Tot Feeding Set 4 of 8
    This awesome feeding set is great for small children. I loved it because the handles were short and easy to grip, and the fork prongs and spoon were soft enough for my daughter's first bites.
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  • ThinkBaby Sippy Cup 5 of 8
    I adore this ThinkBaby sippy cup for many reasons. Not only is it BPA-free, but the tip is soft like a bottle, making it the perfect transition cup for children. This was the first sippy cup we used after we went off bottles, and we loved it. The handles also make it a breeze for children to grip, and it is dishwasher-safe.
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  • OXO Tot Beginner Feeding Spoons 6 of 8
    These narrow feeding spoons are a favorite of mine because they are the perfect size for feeding a small baby. They are narrow enough for a baby's mouth and very flat so they won't carry too much food. They also have soft tips so baby won't get hurt. Sometimes I even chilled them in the fridge for teething!
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  • Eco Vessel Snack Trap 7 of 8
    I love this snack trap because it is sturdy enough to hold up to my daughter banging it on the side of the stroller. You can also take the top off and use it as a bowl in the pinch. Best of all, it doesn't contain any BPA, phthalates, or harmful chemicals.
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  • Green Sprouts Freezer Tray 8 of 8
    This freezer tray is perfect for freezing homemade baby food. I used to stock ours up with all kinds of purees and just pop out a block of food to thaw when I needed it. It is also BPA-, PVC-, and phthalate-free.
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