"My Family's Favorite Food" Contest: Vote for the Best Cookie Recipe!

Run, run as fast as you can … it’s voting time! We asked readers to share their favorite cookie recipe to bake during the holidays and boy, did we get some delicious submissions! Check out the 13 mouthwatering cookie entries after the jump!

It wouldn’t be the holidays without a friendly baking competition! From adorable snowman and reindeer cookies to traditional holiday gingersnaps and gingerbread men, any of these cookies are sure to put you in the holiday spirit! Vote for your favorite by commenting on this post with your pick!

The baker of the winning cookie recipe will win a dream bakeware set from Williams-Sonoma … plus they’ll have their recipe featured here on Family Kitchen!

Happy Holidays!

  • Gingerbread House and Cookies 1 of 13
    "This was our first year making gingerbread! My daughter, Alena, 7, and my son, Jacob, 4, have really wanted to make a gingerbread house. We baked it from scratch, put it together, and got it all gussied up. It took a couple of hours to decorate, and we had so much fun!"
    Submitted by Lisa
  • Chocolate Mint Truffle Cookies 2 of 13
    "I'm always looking for new Christmas cookie recipes to make during the holidays, and I finally found my most favorite one of them all. These chocolate mint truffle cookies melt in your mouth and have just the perfect amount of peppermint flavor! These cookies are a sure hit at my family gatherings and are always the first cookies gone from the table."
    Submitted by Cara
  • Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies 3 of 13
    "These chocolate chocolate chip cookies are an extra special treat for Santa Claus and your family! We enjoy them every year."
    Submitted by Kim
  • Healthy Cranberry Thumbprints 4 of 13
    "These 2011 L.A. Times Food Bake-Off winners are both delicious and nutritious. Made with whole wheat pastry flour, raw sugar and flax, these sweet and crunchy treats are sure to please the whole family."
    Submitted by Kim
  • Triple Chocolate Mint Fudgie 5 of 13
    "My family's new favorite Christmas cookie is this triple chocolate mint fudgie! These cookies are moist and fudgey thanks to the melted semi-sweet chocolate in the batter. The richness of the cookie is balanced nicely by the milder sweetness of the milk and white chocolate chips. Finally, all of the chocolate goodness is complimented by the subtle fresh hint of peppermint."
    Submitted by Mercedes
  • Cinnamon Chip Snickerdoodle Blondies 6 of 13
    "These are cinnamon chip snickerdoodle blondies! Ordinarily, we are a family of chocolate lovers, and desserts that don't contain any cocoa are met with a sullen glare— from mommy and daddy, at least. These break that streak."
    Submitted by Naomi
  • Turkey Sugar Cookies 7 of 13
    "I have 3-year-old triplets, and we do a lot of fun baking, especially during the holidays! These are simple sugar cookies, which are always a treat in their basic flavor, but when you add the turkey trimmings, they come alive! When the candy corn is baked, it takes on a mildly gooey texture ... the opposite of the soft, chewy cookies ... which makes for a tasty surprise."
    Submitted by Lexi
  • Reindeer Cookies 8 of 13
    "I made these reindeer cookies featuring chocolate-covered pretzels and M&Ms for my 17 nieces and nephews who loved them!"
    Submitted by Becky
  • Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies 9 of 13
    "Since chocolate cherries are a staple during Christmas, these cookies fit the season perfectly. They taste a bit like a fudgy brownie topped with a chocolate-covered cherry. They aren't always the prettiest cookies, but they do disappear fast when they are baked!"
    Submitted by Krysta
  • Pumpkin Cookies 10 of 13
    "My family loves pumpkin! A while back, I decided that I wanted to make some tasty pumpkin cookies that were in the shape of pumpkins, but the only recipes that I could find were for drop cookies. I came up with this recipe on my own, and it worked out great! This year for Christmas, instead of having pumpkin pie, we'll be having pumpkin cookies!"
    Submitted by Erica
  • Snowman Cookies 11 of 13
    "My son and I found this idea on a website last year and decided to give them a try. I made them using my own sugar cookie dough recipe and my own homemade frosting that I tinted in various colors. These were the ones that my 10-year-old son and I made. They were a lot of fun to make and even more fun to eat!"
    Submitted by Carolyn
  • Gingersnaps 12 of 13
    "Gingersnaps are my husband's favorite cookie. He likes them with just a bit of crunch along the outside, but soft in the middle. This recipe is the only one I've used since we got married. They are perfect, and I have a happy husband each time I make them!"
    Submitted by Rachel
  • Chocolate Duos 13 of 13
    "These are Santa's favorite cookies at my house. I found the recipe a few years ago and have been using it for Santa's cookies ever since!"
    Submitted by Monica

Voting will end at 5pm on Friday, 12/23.

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