My Secret Ingredient to Make Any Cookie Recipe Better!

secret ingredient choco chip cookies
secret ingredient choco chip cookies

Over the holidays, I discovered a fantastic secret ingredient to make almost any cookie recipe better. Baking cookies is always a fun activity and sometimes we want our batch to turn out extra special. Maybe you are baking cookies for a special birthday, a holiday or a gift to a friend. Try my secret ingredient trick that will give them that extra special bakers touch!..

There is only one quality that your cookie recipe needs to have in order for my secret ingredient to work: vanilla extract. Or at least have vanilla as a good flavor option to add to your recipe. Most cookie recipes will have this quality — gladly blending with vanilla flavor undertones. Chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies and even peanut butter cookies could allow for the addition of a vanilla scent. So here is my trick..

Secret Ingredient: Real Vanilla Bean to replace the extract. Scrape the vanilla bean pod and add the seeds directly to your dough. Either use this to replace the extract — or simply add it in as an additional flavor. The vanilla bean will infuse the cookies with this luxurious quality that cannot be matched by any liquid extract. It is almost more subtle and mellow than an extract — yet blooms with each bite.

Split vanilla bean
Split vanilla bean.

And if you live near a Trader Joe’s grocery store you may have noticed that they now carry very reasonably priced vanilla beans. Under four bucks for two beans! That is a steal since many high end kitchen stores sell tow beans for well over ten dollars.

So give my trick a try. You can see how I made it work in my famous Vegan Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie recipe.

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