National Carrot Day Trivia & Recipes

February 3rd is a day for us to set aside everything in our lives to pay homage to the carrot. Forget about the Super Bowl, forget about the half time show, take this time reflect on your life spent eating these crunchy orange veggies. Your skin is thanking you, so are your eyes and your overall health. Did you know…

-Carrots come in more than just orange? Go out and get yourself some red, purple, white or yellow variety to shake things up.

-The average person will consume 10,866 carrots in a lifetime.

– The classic Bugs Bunny carrot is the “Danvers” type.

– Carrots were the first vegetable to be canned commercially.

-Three carrots can give you enough energy to walk three miles

-Carrots are more nutricious cooked than raw.

– Carrots have one of the highest content of beta carotene (vitamin A) of all vegetables.

Carrots are loaded with good stuff, check it out: Vitamin A or beta carotene, helps maintain the health of your eyes and the ability to adjust to changes in light and keeps the moisture level where they should be. Vitamin K may help reduce your risk to certain cancers while also helping maintain the bloods ability to clot. Vitamin C keep your immune system running strong. Fiber, well fiber help you poop, enough said. Potassium helps reduce your risk of stroke, high blood pressure and anxiety.

Now that you know how incredible good carrots are for you and you’ve set aside Feb 3rd to honor said vegetable, time to get cooking! Check out all these great recipe…

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