Declare National Men Make Dinner Day in Your House

national men make dinner dayDid you know that the first Thursday of every November is National Men Make Dinner Day in Canada?


Why wasn’t there a referendum for this on my ballot on Tuesday? I say we need one of these days here in the U.S. And, until someone makes it official, I hereby grant you the power to declare National Men Make Dinner Day in your house at any point this month.

The Canadian version of this “holiday” is meant for men who don’t usually cook. Fair enough. But I say that, unless your man (or you, if you are the man) cooks on a very regular basis, he’s required to, um, man up on whatever day you declare NMMDD in your house. The rest of the Canadian rules work for me, though I think there should be more emphasis on Rule #9:

Man must use the ‘clean as he goes along’ rule! Following each completed use of utensils, cookware, half-used jars of anything, spice bottles, etc., everything is rinsed, cleaned and put away.

In fact, can we expand on that by adding that Man should refrain from using every single pot, pan and cooking utensil in the kitchen? I know that Man is responsible for cleaning up, but I’m trying to help Man. Okay, and maybe keep damage to a minimum.

And, Man, lest you think I’m hanging you out to dry, here is a place to go for support, Stay at Stove Dad, and here are some easy recipes to inspire you.

Yes you can!

Think burgers are predictable Man food? Not these babies! Check out our burger roundup for recipes like Grilled Meatloaf Burger.

How can I not point you to Dad Chili? Serve it over rice with melted cheese on top, stuffed in a baked potato or sandwiched in a quesadilla.

Steak. Another Man stereotype but, this time, with a twist: Thai Red Curry Flank Steak.

Burgers, chili, steak… even with a twist, are they all too predictable? Not when you serve them alongside these super easy Lime Cumin Roasted Carrots or Spicy Squash Salad. That’s right, Man, don’t forget the veggies! Let’s make that rule #13, just to be sure.

So, when is National Men Make Dinner Day at your house?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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