Neon Rainbow Push-Up Cake Pops

What can I say? I’m a child of the 80’s. Everytime I have the option to choose between monochrome and rainbow bright, I go rainbow. Think Cyndi Lauper, tulle and leg warmers. This is the product of life lived during one of the most vivid era’s of fashion and pop culture. So, naturally, when I came across the adorable new trend in cake–Push Up Cake Pops–I couldn’t help but go gaga in neon rainbow hues. Want to make your own multi-colored push up pops? I’ve pulled together every step of the simple process is a step-by-step slideshow below. Celebrate!

  • Step One 1 of 8
    Mix up a standard cake mix then bake it for 10-12 minute on a greased cookie sheet to create a long, thin sheet of cake.
  • Step Two 2 of 8
    One the cake is completely cooled, use the top of one of your cake pops to cut small circles in the cake.
  • Step Three 3 of 8
    Mix up a tub of frosting in all your favorite neon colors.
  • Step Four 4 of 8
    Slide your cake push-up pop to the very top of the tube. Place a single round of cut cake on the slider.
  • Step Five 5 of 8
    Pull the slider down to the lowest position.
  • Step Six 6 of 8
    Add a dollop of frosting atop the cake, then another layer of cake, another dollop of frosting, repeat until the entire cake tube is filled. Top with your plastic push-up-pop lid.
  • Step Seven 7 of 8
    Vary the colors of your cake push-up pops. So cute!
  • Step Eight 8 of 8
    Push up that cake and take a bite! Yummy!

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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