New Years Diet Try-It's: 70 Healthy Desserts You Don't Have to Live Without

Okay, folks. Scoot the kids back to school, grab yourself a cup of coffee, and shimmy on up here for some serious food porn. We’ve pulled together 5 of our best crazy-awesome-healthy-sweet slideshows, featuring more than 70 insanely incredible healthy dessert recipes. From vegan breakfast dessert ideas to healthy food swaps at your favorite food chains, you’ll find an endless array of ideas that support the notion that you can eat naughty food and while keeping your diet nice.

  • 20 Sweet & Skinny Yogurt Desserts 1 of 5
    20 Sweet & Skinny Yogurt Desserts
    Looking for a way to turn your daily cup of yogurt into a dessert? Check out our slideshow for Yogurt desserts!
    Click here to find 20 Sweet & Skinny Yogurt Desserts.
  • 15 Healthy, Vegan Desserts for Breakfast 2 of 5
    15 Healthy, Vegan Desserts for Breakfast
    Why not start the day with dessert? Here are 15 totally incredible treats you can eat with your morning cup of coffee.
    Click here to find 15 Healthy, Vegan Desserts for Breakfast.
  • 20 Naughty & Nice Desserts 3 of 5
    20 Naughty & Nice Desserts
    Break out the good stuff, and get some serious indulgence on!
    Check out our 20 Naughty & Nice Desserts.
  • 7 Eat-This-Not-That Swaps 4 of 5
    7 Eat-This-Not-That Swaps
    There's nothing like a night on the town, unless you consume 2,000 calories in a single sitting and spend the next week feeling guilty. So, why not turn that night into a totally healthy treat?!
    Click for the recipe from 7 Healthiest Restaurant Desserts.
  • 15 Healthy Muffin Recipes 5 of 5
    15 Healthy Muffin Recipes
    Turn snacktime into sweet time with these healthy muffin recipes.
    Grab these 15 Healthy Muffin Recipes

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