Not Another Naughty Chicken Nugget!

The Family DinnerIf you’ve made any New Year’s resolutions that have to do with eating healthier or eating dinner as a family or varying your dinner repertoire, then keep reading!

We propose a nugget strike!

Not a scary strike, but a sweet, good and kind strike… a strike against the chicken nugget!  A strike against ingredients that are unknown, unpronounceable and strange.  You would not think those ingredients could fit into something as small as a chicken nugget, but sometimes they do. You do not want to imagine what lies beneath that crunchy exterior, and perhaps you shouldn’t.

However, if you saw Jamie Oliver’s show you know what they are (we will never get the graphic nature of that demonstration out of our minds!). So we ask you this, do we want our kids’ brains and hearts and cute little toes to grow and be nourished by ingredients we really don’t know? No, No! Is the cry from coast to coast!   So here we propose an alternative, with real, wholesome ingredients, so simple your kids will love it. So tasty you will too. And we will give it a grown-up name (or can a grown-up eat something called a nugget?). We will return to calling it schnitzel, as it was named in the old country. We will make it with wholesome ingredients, as we did long ago. And we will serve it with a smile, knowing the bones of our babes will be built upon ingredients that are simple and real and have been nourishing us since the beginning of time.

Check out for a great video of us making the Chicken Schnitzel, in addition to the recipe!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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