Not So Superman: Superhero Cake Fails


With Halloween around the corner, I am seeing lots of kids in superhero costumes around town. Clearly they are just trying them all out before the big night and they all look totally adorable. I couldn’t help but be inspired to look for some great superhero cakes to inspire and came across these instead. I am sure our little superheros will not look quite as awful of these! Happy (pretty) Halloween!

  • Spiderman Goes Black & White 1 of 9
    Spiderman Goes Black & White
    Oh dear, apparently poor Spiderman got placed in a Black & White movie for this cake!
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  • The Superman Cookie Cake 2 of 9
    The Superman Cookie Cake
    Superman usually wears his "S" so proudly, how I wish it were portrayed that way here!
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  • Batman Plays the Four of Hearts 3 of 9
    Batman Plays the Four of Hearts
    I am guessing this is a Batman themed cake... though I always thought the Joker card was most significant!
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  • Batman Stands Tall! 4 of 9
    Batman Stands Tall!
    Batman is looking seriously intimidating here. I might even venture to say this is just about the most serious Batman cake I've ever seen!
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  • Spiderman Shoots His Web 5 of 9
    Spiderman Shoots His Web
    Interesting, I always thought Spiderman shot webs out of his wrist!
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  • Bat….Man 6 of 9
    Apparently Batman also flies with seagulls and goes by a double first name...
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  • The Most Intense Hulk Ever 7 of 9
    The Most Intense Hulk Ever
    This Hulk is seriously heavy duty, I hope this kid has a really HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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  • Superhero Trio! 8 of 9
    Superhero Trio!
    Ummm, to kids this seem pretty benign, but the adults...well, someone cut the cake quick!
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  • The Spider-Man Picnic 9 of 9
    The Spider-Man Picnic
    Oh dear, poor Spiderman has lost his head. Literally!
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Photos Courtesy Cake Wrecks

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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