Not Your Mom's (or Grandma's) Kitchen: Cooking with Technology

(Family Kitchen contributor, Kelsey – The Naptime Chef, in her kitchen)

How many of us have a laptop, smart phone, iPad or some sort of digital device in the kitchen with us while we are cooking or baking? Things have changed a bit in our current world when it comes to how we get our recipes and answers to our questions when it comes to cooking. It used to be a quick phone call to Mom or a friend to find out exactly how to make a soft and crusty pizza dough or to find out their favorite meatloaf recipe…now instead, it’s a shout-out on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter, in hopes of a few or many responses.

I, for one, usually have a laptop sitting open nearby, or my super smart iPhone laying amongst a pile of recipe ingredients on the counter…as a matter of fact, the photo above of our very own Kelsey, The Naptime Chef is not far off from how my kitchen counter looks while I’m cooking dinner. On more occasions than I can recall, I have found myself reaching over for one or the other to look up how many ounces are in a cup or ask my “network” for ideas on how to use up the okra I brought home from the market that day. It’s pretty amazing the access we have to so much information and so many people at the touch of a button or two when you really think about it…don’t you agree?

Technology in the kitchen has also opened doors for many apprehensive cooks, given them extra confidence or tips that maybe a cookbook or hand-written recipe couldn’t give them. I specifically remember sending my sister-in-law this video I found on You Tube on how to cut open an avocado a few years ago…she wanted to make guacamole and I tried to explain the process over email. I finally decided to Google it and was so surprised to find an instructional video to share with her. I remember thinking….”brilliant”.

So, with the help of Food 52, here is a list of great online resources that can help any cook in their kitchen.

(And don’t forget to share them with your mom…and grandma.)

Measurement conversions

How-to videos

Handy spice chart

Food safety info and recalls

Stain removal

No-knead bread how-to

Seasonal eating info and recipes

Photo Credit: Kelsey, The Naptime Chef


An appetizing app: Check out the Crock-Pot Slow Cooker Recipe Finder!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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