Nutmeg High: What It Is and How to Keep Your Kids Safe

Recent reports show that kids have been swiping nutmeg from spice cabinets in order to get the nutmeg high. There is even a YouTube video on how to do it. That’s right, consuming large amounts of nutmeg has a hallucinogenic affect on anyone who consumes it. It can also lead to severe vomiting and heart palpitations. It is sad to hear that this basic spice cabinet essential is now the cause of so much controversy. We all look forward to cooking with nutmeg this time of year and now it has become a common household danger. One of the most popular methods of consuming nutmeg is by rolling it in paper and smoking it like a joint. Others choose even more direct methods, consuming it in large quantities. As Shaina cited, this health site confirms nutmeg has hallucinogenic properties, and lists medicinal properties as sedative, stimulant, relaxant and an anti-inflammatory, among others. Here is how you can help keep your kids safe from the nutmeg high:

Keep Kids Safe from The Nutmeg High

– Remove nutmeg from your spice cabinet and keep it in a safe place, hidden from kids.

– Educate your children about the dangers of ingesting nutmeg. It is not illegal but can lead to vomiting, headaches, and heart palpitations.

– Only buy nutmeg in small quantities. Instead of investing in mega-jars, buy the smallest ones you can find. This way there is never enough nutmeg in the house to be consumed.

– Keep your children engaged in production activities this holiday season to distract them from this temptation. Show them how nutmeg is used in cooking and baking so they understand how to the use the spice safely and deliciously.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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