6 of the Best Gross-Out Halloween Foods

Ewwww – gross! Sometimes that is the reaction you are looking for when you set up Halloween food for a party. Not that you want people to be so turned off they don’t eat anything, but sometimes it is fun to make them look at the food a little funny before digging in. I mean, isn’t that the point of Halloween after all?! To give you some ideas for some truly gorey, creepy, gross-out foods for your Halloween party I’ve rounded up some of the best here on Babble. I have to say, the bones with blood dipping sauce totally gives me the willies!

  • Moldy Bones wtih Marinara Blood 1 of 6
    These moldy bones are actually Parmesan breadsticks in bone form. People might be unsure of the bloody dipping sauce, until they take a taste and realize how amazing it is!
    Make moldy bones with marinara blood sauce
  • Deviled Egg Eyeballs 2 of 6
    Ewww!! Green eyeballs with veins all over them definitely make you squirm. I promise these are delicious, but be prepared for your guests to be a little wary.
    Make deviled egg eyeballs
  • Eyeball Cupcakes 3 of 6
    The thought of eating an eyeball makes me shudder. And, though I love cupcakes, these might make me thing twice before I pick one up!
    Make eyeball cupcakes
  • Vampire Cocktails 4 of 6
    Ugh, dripping, bloody cocktails can be funny except when it really looks like blood. I promise your guests will love them, but better make sure you tell them that it isn't real blood lest they opt for harmless, clear soda instead.
    Make vampire cocktails
  • Hummus Fingers 5 of 6
    Hummus and carrots are pretty normal at any party, but when the carrots grow finger nails you have to wonder just how far you'll go to eat your favorite snack.
    Make hummus with carrot fingers
  • Meringue Bones with Blood Dipping Sauce 6 of 6
    This creepy dessert is actually served with a vial of blood* for dipping! Your friends won't know whether to scream or laugh at when this tasty treat is served!
    *(Okay, it's jam)
    Make meringue bones with blood dipping sauce


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