Olaf Cupcakes Inspired By Disney’s Frozen

It’s official… I am crazy for Olaf… The cute snowman character in Disney’s new animated film Frozen. The movie hits theaters Thanksgiving Day, in case you haven’t seen the billboards all over the nation. I shouldn’t get sidetracked, I am talking about Olaf here. He is also the main star of the “World Of Color – Winter Dreams” water show at Disney’s California Adventure Park. I had the privilege of seeing the premiere of the spectacular water show last week and was blown away. If you find yourself in Southern California over the holiday season, this is one show not to be missed, showing nightly from now to January 6th, 2014. Click here to see a short little video of the show I filmed with my phone, and read more about the beauty of this amazing water show. Either way, I was completely inspired by the cute, humble, and sweet character… I just had to show my love and affection for his COOL-ness. Here are the cupcakes I made, completely inspired by Olaf. Enjoy!

  • Olaf Cupcake 1 of 12

    Here is my Olaf inspired cupcake. Click through slides to see exactly how I made him. 

  • What You’ll Need 2 of 12

    These simple and easy to find supplies bring Olaf cupcakes to life. 

  • White Icing 3 of 12

    Start by outlining with white icing. 

  • Lightbulb 4 of 12

    Make a lightbulb shaped outline. 

  • Fill It In 5 of 12

    Fill in the outline with white icing.

  • Baby Carrot 6 of 12

    Add a baby carrot into the center of the cupcake. 

  • Dotted Eyes 7 of 12

    With royal black icing make two dots above the carrot. Then press in candy eyes onto the dots. 

  • Eyebrows And Mouth 8 of 12

    Outline the eyes in black royal icing, draw two eyebrows and make a mouth and fill it in completely in black. 

  • Cut 9 of 12

    Cut a mini marshmallow in half, and use one half for the mouth. Place the half closer to the top of the mouth right below the top line. 

  • Pretzel Head 10 of 12

    Insert a pretzel piece into the top of the head. 

  • Happiness 11 of 12

    I was happy with my Olaf inspired cupcakes. 

  • Eat It Up! 12 of 12

    These easy to make Olaf Cupcakes can be made for a Frozen party or just as another way to celebrate Disney's new animated character.

Ingredients for Olaf inspired cupcakes:

  • Chocolate cupcakes (baked)
  • White frosting
  • Baby carrots
  • Candy eyes
  • Black royal icing
  • mini marshmallows
  • pretzels


  1. With the white icing draw the face of olaf by mimicking the shape of a lightbulb onto a chocolate cupcake.
  2. Then fill in the outline with white frosting.
  3. Stick a baby carrot right in the center of the face.
  4. Then on the narrow portion place two dots of black royal icing above the carrots and place two candy eyes on dots.
  5. Then with the black royal icing draw the eyebrows and a mouth.
  6. Cut a mini marshmallow in half and place right inside the upper part of the mouth.
  7. Then break a pretzel and use on the top of the head.
  8. Enjoy!


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