Olé! 5 Steps to Hosting an Awesome Mexican-themed Family Night

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My kids are always begging my husband and me to organize family nights. However, I often find that life passes by quickly, and we just don’t get those nights planned as often as we’d like. Not that we don’t spend time together as a family, we do! But there is something fun and exciting for my kids when we plan an organized activity for a specific night.

Since we eat dinner every day anyway, why not weave an organized family night in with dinnertime? By combining dinner with an activity, I can simplify things and am much more likely to get our fun family night on the calendar!

This zesty Mexican-themed family night incorporates a trifecta of family goodness: cooking with kids, spending time together as a family and, of course, eating good, flavorful food! Olé!

  • A Mexican-Themed Family Night! 1 of 6
    mexican-themed fun family night

    This Mexican-themed family night incorporates cooking and eating dinner with an organized activity for the whole family. Best of all, this mix of fun ideas gets everyone involved!

    Photo: Jane Maynard

  • Get Cooking! 2 of 6
    cooking as a family

    The great thing about a Mexican-themed dinner is there are lots of ways to get your kids involved in the cooking. One child can grate cheese while another stirs the taco meat on the stove. Older kids can even help with chopping lettuce and tomatoes. When my kids and I prepared the goods, we made a game out of it. They decided we were on different teams — the cheese team, the meat team, etc. We had a blast all bustling around the kitchen together!

    Photo: Jane Maynard

  • Organize the Fixings 3 of 6
    organize the taco fixings

    Another great way to get kids involved on taco night is to have them organize all the fixings. There are oodles of fun ingredients you can toss on tacos, and it's fun for the kids to separate the ingredients and put them in serving dishes. My kids loved making the food "pretty" for the family, and they used problem-solving skills to boot!

    Photo: Jane Maynard

  • Eat! 4 of 6
    old el paso tacos

    Now that the food is prepped, it's time to dig in and eat as a family! We all know how beneficial family meal time is for every member of the family. Sit down, and savor the time together!

    Photo: Jane Maynard

  • Play Mexican Train Dominoes 5 of 6
    mexican train dominoes

    Once dinner is done, sit down for a game of Mexican Train Dominoes. This game is easy for people of all ages to understand and is lots of fun. And the name fits perfectly with the Mexican theme of the night!

    Photo: Front Porch Classics

  • Serve Tres Leches Cake for Dessert! 6 of 6
    tres leches cake web

    Finish off the night with a sweet treat: a tres leches cake. This yummy dessert needs to be made ahead of time but is another recipe that gives kids the opportunity to get their hands dirty by helping out. Whip it up the day before with your children in anticipation of the family night you have planned. This will help build excitement for the big night!

    Photo: Jane Maynard

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