On Making Macarons

We made macarons last weekend, and in the process I learned a few tricks that are worth sharing. The macarons were for a dear friend’s virtual baby shower, and we decided on a vanilla bean macaron shell filled with a creamy mascarpone and blueberry filling.

When making macarons:

1. Follow the recipe exactly. Use a scale. They are great to have in the kitchen for baking, especially in the case of macarons where precise measurements really pay off when considering the final quality.

2. Age your egg whites. I chose to age my egg whites loosely covered in the fridge, removing them a few hours before it was time to beat them so they were at room temperature. This seems to be a pretty easy method, and it shouldn’t creep out those who don’t like the idea of aging on the counter for a few days.

3. When folding the macaron batter, test as you go along. Put out a little dish or plate to see how the batter is falling back on itself and spreading as you are folding. It’s easy to fold a few more times, but you can’t take back folds. Once you’ve gone too far, it’s too late.

4. Pipe your macarons onto their parchment or Silpat-lined baking sheets and then walk away. Letting them rest for 30-60 will develop a good crust. My last pan that had rested the longest turned out best.

5. Let them rest in the fridge after you fill them rather than eating them all at once. That is, if you can help it. 😉

Want to make your own? See the step-by-step tutorial on how to make macarons over on Food for My Family.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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