On-the-Go Snack Pack

image source: brooke mclay
image source: brooke mclay

Looking for a fun way to travel with your tots?

Wait … what?! “Fun,” “travel,” and “tots” in the same sentence? You better believe it! With this on-the-go snack pack, your kiddo will be sitting quietly in the backseat for 1,000 miles.

Okay maybe not 1,000, but at least 10. And for any of you parents out there who have endured countless hours of car seat-induced driving sorrow, you’ll know this snack pack may just be the most clever (and glorious) parenting hack of all time.

The best part? Putting together one of these treat boxes is so easy, your kid can help make it!

image source: brooke mclay
image source: brooke mclay

To make one of these snack packs, you’ll need a plastic divided jewelry container or tackle box. I purchased mine from a local craft store for $4.95. It has a snap-tight lid and 20 little spaces for snacks.

Because purchasing 20 different snacks could become a rather expensive venture, I decided to hit the bulk bins at our local health food store, stocking up on just about 1/4 cup each of nuts, seeds, and organic candies. To finish off the pack, I grabbed an eight-count box of mini cereals from the grocery store and handed it all over to my kids to work their magic.

They proudly presented a snack pack full of yummy treats. Excited to dive in and enjoy, my youngest son begged, “Can we go for a drive in the car, right now?”

How could I not oblige the ask? I had a few errands to run. And now I had a snack pack ready to go. Kids in car, snacks ready to rock, we hit the road. And everyone was happy the whole ride!

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