One Dish Delish!: 11 Ways to Make a Skillet Cookie

When Jamie of Sophistimom posted her recipe for a skillet chocolate chip cookie several years ago, I nearly fainted. The mere idea of stirring everything right in a skillet, then coming away with a giant cookie sounded like sheer heaven. And sure enough, it is. Which means we’re in eleventh heaven now, because not only is Jamie’s infamous chocolate chip skillet cookie included in the slideshow below, but so are 10 other recipes for sweet & simple skillet cookies. From sugar cookies to snickerdoodles, you’ll find 11 funderful ways to get your sweet tooth on…in a skillet!

  • Celebrate Skillet Cookies 1 of 12
    They're yummy! They're scrummy! They're skillet cookies! And, the next 11 recipes may not be enough...because these suckers are deeeelish in a dish!
  • Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie 2 of 12
    Turn a classic treat into a one-skillet masterpiece!
    Click for the recipe for One Pan Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie
  • Coconut Chocolate Chip Skookie 3 of 12
    Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookies are even better when accompanied by a little coconut!
    Click for the recipe from Barbara Bakes
  • Skillet Brownie 4 of 12
    Need Chocolate Fast? Try tossing together these emergency small-batch brownies for the ultimate treat!
    Click for the recipe from Craving Chocolate
  • Skillet Sugar Cookie 5 of 12
    There's something so cute about a sugar cookie in a skillet!
    Click for the recipe from Munchkin Munchies
  • Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie 6 of 12
    Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookies? Um, hello happiness. We'll take three.
    Click for the recipe from Décor and the Dog
  • Sprouted Wheat Skillet Cookie 7 of 12
    Sprouted Wheat makes for a beautiful chocolate chip cookie in this skilletelicious dessert.
    Click for the recipe from Cultured Food Life
  • Browned Butter and M&M’s Skillet Cookie 8 of 12
    Browned Butter and M&M's make this recipe the ultimate skillet cookie treat!
    Click for the recipe from Sweet Annas
  • Kitchen Sink Skillet Cookie 9 of 12
    There's nothing quite so delicious as a Kitchen Sink Skillet Cookie. A little bit of this, a little bit of that…and a lot of delish!
    Click for the recipe from In the Kitchen
  • Personal Sized Pan Cookie 10 of 12
    Cookie in a Skillet! Cookie in a Skillet! This recipe makes one giant one. Hurrah!
    Click for the recipe from Some Kitchen Stories
  • Caramel & Coconut Skillet Cookie 11 of 12
    Caramel and Coconut combine in this decadent dish, which you might not want to share!
    Click for the recipe from Created By Diane.
  • Skillet Snickerdoodle 12 of 12
    Cinnamon, Sugar, and a giant cookie! What more could a mom ask for?!
    Click for the recipe from Alaska Mom

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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