One Tough Cookie – Tips for Decorating Cookies with Kids

Gail Dosik had an epiphany while exercising one day: Leave the fashion industry and enroll in the pastry program at The French Culinary Institute at the young age of 50.

Fast forward a few years and Gail now owns One Tough Cookie, Inc., a custom cookie (and cake) decorating company that loves to use her creations to tell a story.

Wish you could decorate cookies at home? Gail shares a few tips for Decorating Cookies with Kids…

Tips for Decorating Cookies with Kids.
1.  Keep the shapes simple…flowers, circles, stars, tiered cakes, cupcake cookies….pick shapes the children can easily identify and relate to.

2.  Use these squeeze bottles for icing…they’re much easier to work with than pastry bags.  They’re available at cake decorating and craft stores everywhere, as well as online.  They’re easy to refill, too.  Each package contains 2 bottles, so make sure to have plenty on hand so the kids can share the colors easily.

3.  Kids LOVE to use the icing as a glue for little edible candies in all sorts of shapes and colors.  You can taylor them to the season, or have generic ones on hand.  I love to use different shapes and textures of candies for little hands, like mini-marshmallows and jelly beans.  Let them use their imaginations.

4.  Edible markers are another way to decorate cookies, especially if you’re ‘mess-adverse’.  You can frost cookies with plain white royal icing the day before and let the cookies dry.  The next day the kids can color to their hearts’ content on their “edible canvasses”.

5.  During the holidays, have the kids decorate snowflake or ornament cookies and let them write names on them.  They’ll make wonderful seating cards!

6. Bake the cookies ahead of time so that they are cool and ready to be decorated. I personally suggest baking the night before while everyone is sleeping. Then you also have a chance to try one (or two) cookies for taste testing purposes.

7. Make the cookies a bit thicker than usual and bake extra. The thicker cookies should help minimize breakage but if it does happen, you will have extra cookies available.
8. Use candies to decorate with such as mini chocolate chips or mini M&M’s.

9. If you are concerned with the family consuming too much sugar, consider donating the cookies to a local nursing home or elderly complex.  An added bonus is the lessons it will teach your children.

10. Use lollipop sticks to make lollipop cookies. Kids and adults go crazy for them.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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