Oreo Madness! 20 Delicious and Creative Ways to Enjoy Oreos!

You know what National Oreo Day means, right? You can eat as many Oreos as you want! Go ahead, dig in!

While good, old-fashioned Oreos served with a glass of milk is never something to turn down, there are many other different and fun ways to enjoy this tasty cookie. These 20 delicious and creative Oreo recipes will have you forgetting about that boring glass of milk!

  • So Many Oreo Recipes, So Little Time! 1 of 21

    Celebrate National Oreo Day with these fabulous recipes!

  • Owl Cupcakes 2 of 21

    Oreos have, quite simply, never been cuter. 

    Babble has the recipe!

  • 8-Layer Oreo Icebox Pie 3 of 21

    This 8-layer icebox pie is certain to fulfill all of your Oreo dreams.

    Babble has the recipe!

  • Oreo Flower Cupcakes 4 of 21

    Spring is right around the corner, and these completely adorable Oreo flower cupcakes will help you get ready!

    Babble has the recipe!

  • Raspberry Oreo Parfaits 5 of 21

    This is quite possibly the fanciest that Oreos have ever looked. Also perhaps the most delicious.

    Babble has the recipe!

  • Oreo Stuffed Cupcakes 6 of 21

    Not only is this recipe completely awesome, but it's easy, too!

    Babble has the recipe!

  • Oreo Cookie Fake-Pops 7 of 21

    Now that there are so many flavors of Oreos, the recipe possibilities are becoming endless. These yummy fake-pops are a great example, using vanilla flavored Oreos.

    Babble has the recipe!

  • Oreo Chunk Cookies 8 of 21

    Oreos just stepped up the chocolate chip cookie game.

    Babble has the recipe!

  • Oreo Banana Split Bites 9 of 21

    This simple but creative treat is delicious and adorable.

    I Heart Eating has the recipe!

    Photo source: I Heart Eating

  • Salted Caramel Oreo Bars 10 of 21

    This is another creative dessert that combines all kinds of great ingredients, including Oreos, pretzels and salted caramel.

    Keep It Sweet Desserts has the recipe!

    Photo source: Keep It Sweet Desserts

  • Cake Batter Oreo Fudge 11 of 21

    This pretty fudge not only incorporates Oreos, but cake batter, too. Anything with cake batter flavor is bound to be good!

    Pass the Sushi has the recipe!

    Photo source: Pass the Sushi

  • Chocolate Oreo Construction Cake 12 of 21

    This completely adorable construction cake uses Oreos to their fullest potential!

    Barbara Bakes has the recipe!

    Photo source: Barbara Bakes

  • Sand Pudding 13 of 21

    This was one of my most favorite treats as a kid pudding with dirt and/or sand on top. This version is especially adorable, mixing more than one kind of Oreo to give a very realistic look to the sand.

    Persnickety Plates has the recipe!

    Photo source: Persnickety Plates

  • Cookies and Cream Smoothie 14 of 21

    Oreos in a smoothie? Whyever not!

    Very Culinary has the recipe!

    Photo source: Very Culinary

  • Cookies and Cream Biscotti 15 of 21

    Oreos lend themselves perfectly to biscotti, both in flavor and texture.

    Overtime Cook has the recipe!

    Photo source: Overtime Cook

  • Port Plum Glazed Cookies and Vanilla Cream 16 of 21

    This dessert may look like a pretty tart, but buried underneath all that delicious fruit is an Oreo surprise!

    Cooking on the Weekends has the recipe!

    Photo source: Cooking on the Weekends

  • Oreo Popcorn 17 of 21

    The real question with this recipe is why I have never thought of this before!

    Jen's Favorite Cookies has the recipe!

    Photo Source: Jen's Favorite Cookies

  • Pretzel Oreo Balls 18 of 21

    These delicious truffles only have four ingredients, making them a snap to throw together!

    Alida's Kitchen has the recipe!

    Photo source: Alida's Kitchen

  • PB Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies 19 of 21

    This just may be the most perfect way ever to enjoy a peanut butter-flavored Oreo!

    Dizzy Busy and Hungry has the recipe!

    Photo source: Dizzy Busy and Hungry

  • S’Moreos 20 of 21

    The name alone makes this recipe a winner, but I'm pretty sure the taste can hold its own, too!

    Very Culinary has the recipe!

    Photo source: Very Culinary

  • Oreo Nutella Brownie Cupcakes 21 of 21

    Oreos + Nutella + brownies + cupcakes = A perfect storm of Oreo deliciousness!

    Presley's Pantry has the recipe!

    Photo source: Presley's Pantry

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