Our 8 Best "Skinny Girl" Recipes for Summer!

Spicy Lemon Chicken

I am always on the lookout for light, healthy recipes that satisfy in the summer. I like to eat healthy all year round, but I try to keep it especially light in the warmer weather. It is just so important to keep everything in shape when I am in a bathing suit so much of the time! Since I know a lot of you are always looking for light ways to enjoy summer food all year long I’ve compiled a list of our best skinny recipes for summer. Enjoy!

  • Classic Gazpacho 1 of 8
    Classic Gazpacho
    This classic gazpacho recipe is perfect for summer. Full of fresh summer flavor and lots of spice it is heavy on flavor but not on calories. Enjoy a cup by the pool today!
    Make classic gazpacho
  • Roasted Pesto Tomatoes 2 of 8
    Roasted Pesto Tomatoes
    These pesto roasted tomatoes make a great side dish or a main course when served with salad on the side. Enjoy the fresh flavor of tomatoes and basil pesto without being weighed down by tons of calories!
    Make roasted pesto tomatoes
  • Roasted Vegetable and Goat Cheese Frittata 3 of 8
    Roasted Vegetable and Goat Cheese Frittata
    A slice of this delicious frittata makes a perfect skinny summer meal. Enjoy it with a slice of fresh fruit and green salad on the side!
    Make roasted vegetable and goat cheese frittata
  • Summer Vegetable Soup with Pesto 4 of 8
    Summer Vegetable Soup with Pesto
    With a base of summer vegetables and flavored with pesto this light and hearty soup will satisfy without the heavy calories.
    Make summer vegetable soup with pesto
  • Watermelon Nachos 5 of 8
    Watermelon Nachos
    This healthy snack is the best alternative to regular cheesy nachos out there! Whip these up for a mid-afternoon treat and enjoy the refreshing fruit without the calories of real nachos!
    Make watermelon nachos
  • Grilled Fish with Tomato Peach Salsa 6 of 8
    Grilled Fish with Tomato Peach Salsa
    This is grilled fish with fresh tomato peach salsa is the perfect after-beach meal to keep your bikini ready. Full of protein and fresh summer flavor is the perfect light and polite summer meal.
    Make grilled fish with tomato peach salsa
  • Light and Spicy Lemon Chicken 7 of 8
    Light and Spicy Lemon Chicken
    Chicken breasts are a good source of protein and they don't need to be flavored with lots of calorie-heavy sauces. Instead, flavor yours with sweet and spicy flavors and enjoy a delicious meal with none of the guilt!
    Make light and spicy lemon chicken
  • Turkey Burgers with Pesto 8 of 8
    Turkey Burgers with Pesto
    Turkey burgers are lighter alternative to beef burgers Give yours flavor with fresh pesto and a slice of light cheese!
    Make turkey burgers with pesto


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