Our Favorite Glassware for Little Ones

Since we try to sit down to a family dinner almost every night, table manners are important to us. Our 1 year-old is still using a sippy cup (and frankly, is a total barbarian), but our 5 year-old is a pro with a glass. And I do mean glass. We went straight from sippy cups to real glassware, and for our oldest, the transition was seamless. We did have a little help along the way from our favorite kid-friendly glassware. What is it?

Duralex. Durable, tempered glassware made in France, it’s the perfect glassware for kids. Since it’s tempered, it’s unlikely to shatter, but if it does, it will crumble into bits, kind of like a windshield. Duralex wasn’t widely available even a few years ago, but now, we use their tiny tumblers for kid’s cups, juice glasses, and we even have big ones for grown-ups.

To learn more about Duralex, or to get your own, check out their site here.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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