Pack a Snappy Lunch with Hefty Slider Bags

There are a few things that feel like chores around my house. One of those is laundry. It’s never done. It haunts me. I never enjoy folding it, putting it away, or watching the pile grow in the laundry hamper everyday. Blech. The other? Making lunches. It’s just one of those jobs that makes me tired. I’ve already gone and put a good breakfast into the bellies of my children, plans are in the words for dinner. Who has the time to kick it back in the kitchen with lunch? The answer: you do! Because Hefty Slider Bags makes packing lunches (and using up leftovers!) a real snap! Follow me after the jump for the secret!

I’m not much of a leftover gal, because it seems like the summertime always has our family on the run during the day. I never seem to have the time to reheat food or portion it out on little plates. But, with Hefty Slider Bags, using up leftovers is simple, and makes lunch packing easier than ever!

Here’s the Hint: ¬†As soon as you’ve finished eating dinner, pack leftovers in single portions in Hefty Slider Bags. If you’ve got 3 cups of pasta salad left over after dinner and a little chicken, toss the chicken into the salad, and spoon one-cup of pasta salad right into 3 quart-sized Hefty Slider Bags. Use a marker to indicate what’s inside your bag on the convenient white label strip, then store the portioned bags of leftovers in your fridge. Use this method for leftover fruits, veggies, side dishes, pizza, and more! Then, when you’re ready for lunch the next day, all you (or your kids!) have to do is grab a bag of whatever leftovers they want, tuck them into your summertime cooler with a fork, and lunch is served!
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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