Paper Cones: So Easy to Make, So Many Uses!

I love to decorate cakes and cookies, and I’ve got an arsenal of piping bags and pastry tips. But sometimes it’s more than I need. I just want some dots or “squiggles” and don’t feel like hauling out my supplies — or cleaning up afterward.

Enter the parchment cone.

I learned to make paper cones years ago, and trust me: once you get the hang of it, they are super easy. Better still, you can make them any size you need, and once you’re finished, just toss ’em in the trash. No clean up necessary! These are especially handy if I’m decorating sugar cookies with several different-colored icings.

But I’ve discovered other uses for these cones beyond piping, and now I make them all the time!

I’ve broken the instructions down step by step, and after a few tries you’ll be a pro, too!

  • Parchment Cones Make Fancy So Simple! 1 of 12
    parchment cones, piping chocolate

    Easy parchment cones make anyone look professional. Simply fill and pipe out dots, dashes and squiggles for a fancy finish to all of your dishes!

  • Start with a Square 2 of 12
    parchment paper square

    Start with a paper square. I used parchment paper for these photos and cut a square 18" in size. Fold in half diagonally and cut the square into two triangles.

  • Work with One Triangle at a Time 3 of 12
    begin folding parchment triangle

    Working with one triangle at a time, place the paper on a flat surface with the longest side furthest away from you. Take point "b" and bring down toward you to meet point "c."

  • Begin Shaping the Cone 4 of 12
    parchment cone how to

    Fold point "b" slightly inward and hold "b" and "c" together with your left hand. Using your right hand, grab point "a."

  • Cone is Beginning to Take Shape! 5 of 12
    begin shaping parchment triangle

    Bring point "a" around the outside and up to meet points "b" and "c."  You'll now see the cone taking shape!

  • Start Tightening the Cone 6 of 12
    parchment cone is formed

    Keep sliding point "a" up and around till the cone is closed at the bottom.

  • The Cone Is Finished! 7 of 12
    finished cone closed at the bottom

    The cone should be tightly closed at the bottom. It's now complete!

  • Staple to Secure 8 of 12
    parchment cones, flaps stapled

    To secure the cone, fold point "a" inward and point "b" outward. Staple each. Your cone is now ready to fill!

  • Fill with Melted Chocolate 9 of 12
    parchment cone filling and piping

    If you're using your cone to pipe and decorate, place it in a drinking glass to keep stable. Fill with your choice of melted chocolate, warmed jam — even ketchup or mustard! Roll the top down tightly and snip a small opening at the bottom.

  • Pipe Away! 10 of 12
    parchment cone, piped cookies

    To pipe, apply pressure to the top as if you are folding down a tube of toothpaste. Practice on a piece of waxed paper till you get the feel, and then squiggle, dot and dash away!

  • Fill with Treats! 11 of 12
    Paper cones filled with caramels

    Paper cones are so versatile! Here they hold small caramels, but you can fill them with any small treats or favors you like - perfect for a party table!


    Get the recipe for these bourbon sea salt caramels at Babble

  • Give a Pretty Food Gift! 12 of 12
    cellophane cone filled with cookies

    For a unique food gift idea, fill a cellophane cone with cookies. All you need is some ribbon for the top and you've got a great presentation!

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