Parade of Vegan Christmas Cookies: 25 Recipes!

parade of vegan holiday cookies
parade of vegan holiday cookies

Check out this 25-recipe parade of vegan Christmas cookies! Just about any holiday cookie you love can be made into a vegan version. Here are a few favorites, including classic sugar cookies, gingerbread men, peppermint-infused cookies, snickerdoodles, green tree stacked cookies and more! Browse the recipes and get inspired to try a vegan cookie this holiday season..

  • Citrus Spice Cookies 1 of 26
    Citrus Spice Cookies
    These tender cookies are infused with the holiday-approved flavors of cinnamon and citrus! photo: Kathy Patalsky
    Make Citrus Spice Cookies
  • Healthier Sugar Cookies 2 of 26
    Healthier Sugar Cookies
    Try these healthier-version frosted sugar cookies on for size this holiday. They are healthier because they include whole grains and contain less sugar than most traditional sugar cookies. photo: Katie, Chocolate Covered Katie
    Make Healthy Sugar Cookies, recipe on Chocolate Covered Katie
  • Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies 3 of 26
    Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies
    Cool and minty, yet loaded with chocolate flavor - these Chocolate Spritz Cookies with creamy candy cane filling are sure to please. photo: Hannah, Bittersweet
    Make Chocolate Spritz Cookies, recipe on Bittersweet
  • Raw Green Xmas Cookies 4 of 26
    Raw Green Xmas Cookies
    This green stack of raw vegan Christmas cookies is kind of gorgeous. Delicious too! These elegant green cookies are made using pistachio nuts and coconut. Stack them into a holiday tree and get ready for your guests to swoon. photo: Nadia, Nature Insider
    Make Raw Green Christmas Cookies, recipe on Nature Insider
  • Soft Gingerbread Cookies 5 of 26
    Soft Gingerbread Cookies
    These cute, tender Gingerbread Cookies are soft and have a spiced sweet flavor that is sure to turn your frown into a cheery holiday smile! photo: Annie, Meet the Shannons
    Make Soft Gingerbread Cookies, recipe on Meet the Shannons
  • Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies 6 of 26
    Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies
    There is always room for chocolate cookies on a holiday cookie platter. Especially when they are double chocolate cookies. Bake up these healthy-version vegan cookies made with rich cacao powder, coconut oil, whole wheat flour and plenty of chocolate chunks! photo: Gena, Choosing Raw
    Make Chocolate Chunk Cookies, recipe on Choosing Raw
  • Santa’s Snack Bites 7 of 26
    Santa's Snack Bites
    Santa needs to cut back on the super rich cookies (just a bit) so he will love these festive and fun snack bites made with yummy things like coconut, sunflower seeds and raisins. photo: Livvy, 86Lemons
    Make Santa Snack Bites, recipe on 86Lemons
  • Jam Thumb Print Cookies 8 of 26
    Jam Thumb Print Cookies
    Sticky sweet strawberry jam fills the center of these delicious vegan walnut cookies. photo: Angela, Oh She Glows
    Make Jam Thumb Print Cookies, recipe on Oh She Glows
  • Gingerbread Folk 9 of 26
    Gingerbread Folk
    Eeks, these little gingerbread folk cookies are quite adorable and perfect for your next holiday party! photo: Ashlae, Oh Lady Cakes
    Make Gingerbread Folk, recipe on Oh Lady Cakes
  • Chocolate Peppermint Sandwich Cookies 10 of 26
    Chocolate Peppermint Sandwich Cookies
    Dive into this festive stack of chocolate sandwich cookies filled with a creamy, pepperminty filling. Green and red sprinkles all around. photo: Matthew, Vegan Heartland
    Make Chocolate Mint Sandwich Cookies, recipe on Vegan Heartland
  • White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies 11 of 26
    White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies
    There is something about white chocolate that meshes perfectly with the holiday season. Probably because it reminds us of a snowy landscape, all winter white. These vegan white chocolate chip cookies will look lovely on your holiday dessert table. photo: Kathy, Healthy Happy Life
    Make White Chocolate Chip Cookies, recipe on Healthy Happy Life
  • Gluten Free Chocolate Lace Cookies 12 of 26
    Gluten Free Chocolate Lace Cookies
    These rich chocolate lace cookies are elegant for the holidays. Vegan and gluten free too!! photo: Katie, Chocolate Covered Katie
    Make GF Chocolate Lace Cookies, recipe on Chocolate Covered Katie
  • Cinna Sugar Pillow Cookies 13 of 26
    Cinna Sugar Pillow Cookies
    These delicate cinnamon sugar pillow cookies hide a sweet surprise! Creamy sweet frosting filling inside. photo: Katie, Chocolate Covered Katie
    Make Pillow Cookies, recipe on Chocolate Covered Katie
  • Chocolate-Almond Joy Nuggets 14 of 26
    Chocolate-Almond Joy Nuggets
    These chocolate almond bites are delightfully called "nuggets of joy." One bite and I think you will find out why! These fun little bites would make a super addition to your holiday cookie platter. photo: Susan, Fat Free Vegan
    Make Nuggets of Joy, recipe on Fat Free Vegan
  • Simple Sugar Cookies 15 of 26
    Simple Sugar Cookies
    These simple and sweet vegan sugar cookies have just seven ingredients plus frosting on top. Add some holiday sprinkles for a festive cookie platter in a flash! photo: Ashlae, Oh Lady Cakes
    Make Simple Sugar Cookies, recipe on Oh Lady Cakes
  • Black Gingerbread Bars 16 of 26
    Black Gingerbread Bars
    These Black Gingerbread Bars are a unique holiday treat made with nutty walnuts and plenty of warm spices. photo: Hannah, Bittersweet
    Make Black Gingerbread Bars, recipe on Bittersweet
  • Favorite Snickerdoodles 17 of 26
    Favorite Snickerdoodles
    These delightful snickerdoodle cookies are sure to please any crowd around the holidays. A tall stack of these cookies would make a delicious homemade gift too! photo: Angela, Oh She Glows
    Make Favorite Snickerdoodles, recipe on Oh She Glows
  • Orange Creamsicle Cookies 18 of 26
    Orange Creamsicle Cookies
    If you love citrus paired with peppermint candycanes, try out these delicious Orange Creamsicle Shortbread Cookies for the holidays! photo: Kristina, Spa Betty
    Make Orange Creamsicle Cookies, recipe on Spa Betty
  • Almond Lace Cookies 19 of 26
    Almond Lace Cookies
    These gluten free and vegan almond lace cookies, aka Florentines, are drizzled in rich dark chocolate and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Yum! photo: Angela, Oh She Glows
    Make Almond Lace Cookies, recipe on Oh She Glows
  • Spekulatius Cookies 20 of 26
    Spekulatius Cookies
    For a unique holiday cookie that is warmly spiced and full of holiday flavor, try these Spekulatius Cookies. photo: Seitan is my Motor
    Make Spekulatius Cookies, recipe on Seitan in my Motor
  • Chocolate Dipped Cookie Dough 21 of 26
    Chocolate Dipped Cookie Dough
    Have some serious fun with your holiday cookie platter and serve up the best part of cookie making process: the dough! These chocolate-dipped chocolate chip cookie dough bites are fun and cravable! photo: Angela, Oh She Glows
    Make Cookie Dough Balls, recipe on Oh She Glows
  • Crispy Fun Gingerbread Cookies 22 of 26
    Crispy Fun Gingerbread Cookies
    Half the fun of making gingerbread cookies is all the decorating fun that follows the baking. These crispy cookies will be a blast to decorate. photo: Annie, Meet the Shannons
    Make Crispy Gingerbread Cookies, recipe on Meet the Shannons
  • Eggnog Pudding Cookie Cups 23 of 26
    Eggnog Pudding Cookie Cups
    These are so creative and fun! Raw ginger cookie cups are filled with vegan eggnog-style pudding. Serve up these unique bites at your Christmas party! photo: Genevieve, Vanilla and Spice
    Make Eggnog Pudding Cookie Cups, recipe on Vanilla and Spice
  • Fudge-Mallow Cookies 24 of 26
    Fudge-Mallow Cookies
    Marshmallow-lovers' try out these chocolate cookies, studded with tiny bits of vegan marshmallows. photo: Hannah, Bittersweet
    Make Fudge-Mallow Cookies, recipe on Bittersweet
  • Sugar Cookie Ice Cream 25 of 26
    Sugar Cookie Ice Cream
    Ice cream craving in the middle of the holiday season? Or maybe you just cannot decide on cookies or frozen dessert bliss? Have both in one bite! photo: Katie, Chocolate Covered Katie
    Make Sugar Cookie Ice Cream, recipe on Chocolate Covered Katie
  • 7 Recipes for Your Treat Table 26 of 26
    7 Recipes for Your Treat Table
    Need even more vegan dessert recipes for your holiday treat table? Here you go!..
    Seven Recipes for your Holiday Treat Table!


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