Homemade Peeps Recipes

There are many things we love about springtime — the brisk weather, the budding flowers, and the holidays. Easter, especially. This bunny-friendly celebration is the perfect excuse to buy Peeps in just about every color (they’re all so cute!), and try to find fun, new ways to use them. If you’re at a loss for what to do with the bunnies and chicks, take a look at these fun Peeps recipes.

Peeps Rice Cereal Treats

Melt these yummy marshmallows in your rice krispie treats for a beautiful pastel treat. (via Yellow Bliss Road)

Chocolate-Dipped Peeps

If white chocolate isn’t your thing, try these milk chocolate Peeps pops with white sprinkles for good measure. (via Babble)

Peeps Sunflower Cake

Your guests will think the Cake Boss came over for brunch. This dessert is bright, cheerful, and a lot easier to make than it looks. (via Babble)

Peeps in White Chocolate Nests

These Peeps dipped in white chocolate are so simple and tasty. (via Babble)

Peeps Pretzel Rods

The salty and sweet mix of pretzels and peeps is the perfect combo! (via Real Momma)

Chocolate Cream Peeps Pie

Graham crackers, chocolate, and Peeps? Not even Sara Lee could have dreamt of a better pie for Easter Sunday. (via Babble)

White Chocolate Peeps Pops

Why should cake have all the fun? Peeps make fun pops, too! Your kid will be the most popular kid in class the day she shares these treats. (via Babble)

Tuxedo Peeps

Dressed in their Easter best, these tuxedo peeps will even delight children too old for Easter baskets. (We’’re looking at you, mom and dad.) (via Babble)

Peeps-Stuffed Brownies

Chocolate and marshmallows are meant for each other. Just add a little Peeps dust on top, and you’ve got a gooey, sparkly gift from the Easter Bunny. (via Babble)

Peeps S’mores

S’mores are no longer just a summer snack. Now you can have them on Easter! (via Babble)

Crispy Bunny Treats

Give your rice krispie treats an Easter bunny makeover! (via Babble)

Marshmallow Peeps in Crispy Nests

We can’t get over how yummy Peeps and rice krispie treats are together. (via Babble)

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