Peeps Oreos Are Coming and the Internet Has Some Feelings

Image source: walmart
Image source: walmart

Everyone likes to eat their Oreos in a certain way. Personally, I love to twist them apart, eat the center, and then dunk the crunchy cookies into milk. I even taught my kids to eat them like that. Oreos are a classic treat that nearly everyone loves (or they should, if you ask me!).

Peeps, on the other hand? Well, those marshmallow cartoons have two distinct camps — those who love them and those who would rather eat sawdust than a Peep. The feelings are pretty strong either way.

Now, apparently for a limited time only, Oreo and Peeps are teaming up, or rather, smashing up into a single cookie that has the Internet torn on whether or not this is a good idea.

From Banana Split and Fruit Punch to Candy Corn and Key Lime Pie, Oreo has a history of experimenting with interesting flavors. Remember the big Oreo Swedish Fish debacle of 2016? The Internet almost broke over the comments that erupted in furious debate about whether or not Swedish Fish — also universally loved — were a wise choice for an Oreo mashup.

True to form, Twitter is lighting up with funny responses to this news. Users cannot decide if this is a great idea or the worst confection experiment ever.

Here are a few of our favorite Twitter comments:

The flavor combo left some with questions.

Moms hit the stores in search of the new treat, as moms do.

Obviously, people had to host a taste test!

The overall reaction has been pretty … mixed.

If you’re looking to try these new pink and yellow cookies, you can as soon as tomorrow! According to a representative from the Oreo Wonder Vault, Peeps Oreos will begin appearing on store shelves on February 22.

As you can see, some got a hold of the cookies early. If you can’t get your hands on a package, keep a close eye on the Walmart website. They should be restocking the Peeps Oreos soon (we hope!).

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