Pepsi Max Superbowl Commercial: Love Hurts

The Super Bowl commercials last night during the Super Bowl were amazing, from the cute pug attack in the Doritos commercial to this unforgettable Pepsi Max love hurts commercial. There were several Pepsi Max commercials last night with the “Love Hurts” theme, but the one with the married couple was by far my favorite. My husband and I both cracked up as we watched this one. Then of course, my husband says, “Hey babe, she’s just like you.” In the commercial the wife is taking drastic measures to keep her husband on track with his diet. She kicks him in the leg when he doesn’t order the right low calorie option in the restaurant, then she shoves his face in the pie he’s about to scarf down. He then hides in the bathtub to enjoy his cheeseburger, but she finds him, steals the burger and shoves soap in his mouth.

In the last scene he starts to drink his Pepsi Max and sees the judging eyes of his wife. You can see the terror in his eyes, but then she raises her Pepsi Max too and smiles sweetly. But then things go south as a pretty blonde sits down beside him and says hi. He smiles and says hi back, only to have his wife hurl her Pepsi at his head. He ducks and the Pepsi hits the young girl. The couple gets scared and runs off.

After my husband said to me that’s you in the commercial, I said , “Which one, the blonde?” Then he sarcastically says , “No, the wife!” What a jerk, but I am alot like her, oh well.

You can see the rest of Pepsi’s Super Bowl Commercials here.


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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